Review – Rachel Mc Alpine

Rachel McAlpine

Rachel McAlpine at PJ Malloys

By Ashley Skye Watt


First on stage and playing to no more than ten people in a hushed PJ Molloys, Rachel McAlpine looks a tad nervous stood alone on stage with her guitar. However, it is immediately apparent to everyone watching that her nerves are needless from the moment she opens her mouth. This girl has real raw talent and a natural singing ability. She is instantly compelling to watch as she draws you in with her beautiful voice and numerous catchy songs. A young and fresh mix of husky Scottish melodies which can easily be likened to that of Scottish singer Amy MacDonald but with her own twist and a very individual vibe, less pop-like and touching more on rock style sound.


At only eighteen she performed to a sky high standard

Rachel is an excellent singer/songwriter, not shy to showcase her song writing abilities as well as her vocal talent. From a relevantly short set, I for one was left feeling impressed by her selection of her own works, written and sang nothing short of flawlessly. At only eighteen she performed to a sky high standard and I would predict that as she is only just starting out, there will be a lot more to come from her!

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Review – Ded Rabbit

Ded Rabbit

Headlining at D Rocks for Oxjam last Friday were the incredible Ded Rabbit

By Ashley Skye Watt

Headlining at D Rocks for Oxjam last Friday were the incredible Ded Rabbit. The four Yorkshire boys are brothers whose musical motivation began after they moved to the Scottish highlands. It was there that their musical careers launched and propelled by boredom they decided to pick up their musical instruments to form an indie-pop style band. This perhaps was the best decision they ever made – even if it was less than apparent to them at the time they started out!

Ded Rabbit

Electric funky sax solos one of the most fundamental and appealing characteristics of their sound.

Since then Ded Rabbit have skyrocketed into the music scene, playing gigs and festivals all over Scotland. They have been described as ‘one of the most promising young bands in the Capital right now’ by the Edinburgh Evening News and based on their fantastic performance at PJ Malloys in Dunfermline, I for one can see exactly why!


Ded Rabbit are one of these bands who really come alive on stage,

Ded Rabbit

their crazy energy and passion really shines when watching a live performance. All four boys really portray an admirable air of professionalism and it is clear to see that in comparison to many new bands, they clearly work extremely hard and are very well rehearsed. Aside from that, their songs are nothing short of infectious, one listen and you’ll be away home to YouTube that awesome tune stuck in your head,  just as I was after the Oxjam gig. This band oozes talent and charisma, at this rate they’ll be making it big in no time at all!

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Review – Squirrell of This Silent Forest

Squirrell  Of This Silent Forest

Squirrell Of This Silent Forest plays PJ Malloys

By Ashley Skye Watt

Playing his first solo acoustic set in two years, frontman Graeme Macdonald (also known as Squirrel) blows away a somewhat quiet PJ Malloys with his Scottish indy-folk vocals. Un-phased by the quiet turnout, Graeme creates an instant bond with the audience and has them laughing along with his quick witted humor almost instantly.

His band, This Silent Forest are a Glasgow born band who are known for their modern twist on Scottish folk. Graeme cannot be in any way faulted vocally, he has an excellent and powerful voice and delivered one song after another with passion, force and feeling. Having been compared to such vocalists as James Graham of The Twilight Sad, Neil Pennycook of Meursalt and James Allan of Glasvegas, it goes without saying that this guy has talent!

Squirrell  Of This Silent Forest Played a Real good set

The 30th of September saw the release of the band’s debut album, Indivision – a great addition to any music collection. This Silent Forest are on their way up in the music scene and their album is an example of their ability and dedication to what they do. If Scottish indy is your thing, this band is one to keep a close eye on, I highly doubt they will be playing intimate gigs such as this one in Dunfermline for very long.

Organiser and local radio DJ Donald Makin with Squirrell  Of This Silent Forest


I cannot personally comment on the bands performance as a group (having not yet seen them play together live). However, I would go as far as to say that based on what I was lucky enough to see at D Rocks for Oxjam they are high up my list of new acts to catch! I imagine Graeme’s cracking performance is only a taster of what the band are capable of as a whole and thus their headline show at Glasgow’s King Tuts on the 6th of December is one to get along to!

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Review – Phantom Brake Pedal

Phantom Brake Pedal

Phantom Brake Pedal in action at PJ Malloys

By Ashley Skye Watt

On Friday the 25th of October, Phantom Brake Pedal – an alternative rock band from Dundee showcased their talent with an impressive live performance at a local venue; PJ Molloys. Playing at D Rocks for Oxjam in Dunfermline, they put on a fantastic show and really created an incredible atmosphere amongst the crowd. From the moment they stepped on stage the boys had an electric energy and stage presence which exuded enthusiasm and passion.

Phantom Brake Pedal


Their set consisted of a whirl of self-written rock songs, all of which were edgy and current with a pop vibe, the sort of music you instantly take to on first hearing it. The crowd certainly approved anyway!

Having already taken Dundee by storm and created a name for themselves within the local music scene, this foursome is by no means slowing down. Their dedication has taken them up and down the country playing gigs at any opportunity and fighting to construct an identity for their band in the music industry. There are so many artists who are yet to be discovered and these four really are brilliant – if anyone does, they do indeed deserve the recognition they are working for.

Phantom Brake Pedal

Phantom Brake Pedal have also just released their debut EP, ‘Objects for Entertainment’.  This is an example of more creative rock pop tunes which the band have written themselves and done so with style and a flourish of very professional capability. Certainly no amateurs, Phantom Brake Pedal are ready to take the world by storm!


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Donald Makin, DJ, Promoter & All Round Good Bloke!


DJ & Promoter Donald Makin

By Neil Kerr

I came across 32 Year old DJ Donald Makin accidentally when I replied to a plea on twitter for someone to take photographs at an Oxjam gig in Dunfermline, of which Donald was the organizer. Now, even though Donald had sourced a local photographer to cover the gig for him, he quickly  replied to an eager e-mail from me asking if I could go along anyway and do a wee review of what was to be a launch event for the Oxjam gig he was organizing, saying I was welcome to come along and do just that and I could take some pics too……..A nice result.

After a further couple of messages to and fro I established that the Launch event that Dunfermline born and bred Donald had set up, was an acoustic session with some of the acts involved in his Oxjam gig and others who he couldn’t fit in to his already full Friday night bill at Dunfermline’s PJ Malloys, which for me was an irresistible invitation as well as an intriguing opportunity to find out more about the local music scene in Dunfermline which local radio DJ Donald, who has a Saturday evening show with Radio West Fife, seemed to me to be completely immersed in and, I am always interested to find out more about the involvement of charities in the local music scene.


Donald looks on at his launch gig

On arriving at The Green Room in Dunfermline, proud Fifer Donald introduced himself and made me feel very welcome, he told me then that his Oxjam idea had started small and become  more than the available time slot for the main gig at PJ Malloys allowed, so he had arranged for the extra acts to come and do this acoustic launch gig as well as some of the acts from the bill for the main event. This in itself intrigued me leaving me wanting to find out more about Donald, his involvement with local new bands and musicians and his determination to include as many of them as he possibly could. The launch gig, well that’s another matter and info on that you will find under the heading “Dunfermline Rocks for Oxjam” in the archive of this site to the right of this text. All I will say here is that it was a real treat and, just to further my intrigue the multi talented Donald broadcast the gig live from the Green Room on radio west fife demonstrating rather good technical skills. I left there smiling from ear to ear and pondering the fact that if that was what Donald described as his “wee launch event” then what was I to expect of the Pending main event?

Now at My Voice Of Scotland as you may know we often use social media to help find the best new bands and musicians Scotland has to offer, the week after Donald’s launch event was no different and, as the following weekend was a blank in our diary, we asked our followers for info on any gigs that weekend. It was our Dunfermline DJ to the rescue telling us of the superb Dunfermline live event, which is a weekend long music festival held at various venues across Dunfermline. He suggested a few bands to go and see and I took his advice and went along to an evening which included a performance by The Holy Ghosts in the very intimate Old Inn in Donald’s Hometown, Dunfermline sure is proving to be a hub for local musicians and DJ Makin or D as his listeners know him was proving my theory that he definitely has his finger on its pulse, eagerly following every beat.


Another Blurry Photo at the Old Inn

Once again the goods were delivered at this small Fife venue as on arriving early I was first treated to the headline act, The Holy Ghosts, doing the sound check Which was a treat, once again Donald ,even though he himself wasn’t organizing the event, came along and made me feel welcome and joined me for a drink. It was here that Donald confirmed he is a lover of new musicians and actively promotes them on his radio show by getting them in to the studio to play a few songs live on air and also by any other means at his disposal, and, he does most of this promoting and organizing in his own time for no charge! It was also the first of a few times that Donald heaped praise on the excellent support offered to him by charity Oxfam Saying that they were right behind him with his Oxjam gig supporting him in every way they could he also told me that the support from the local community had been helpful too by displaying poster adverts for him at no cost, which was good to hear, as without a little charity this type of event would be dead in the water.


The Holy Ghosts at The Old Inn

Leaving this gig Happy and pondering once again Donald’s Oxjam gig, which by now I wasn’t missing regardless, and wanting to know more about Donald who, by now, in my mind was a local version of the great John Peel, a tireless promoter of new musicians. If only what Donald has could be taught, then every musician in every county in Scotland could have a far better chance of being heard by a wider audience. I wanted to know more. So I asked for a sneaky interview with D during his D Rocks for Oxjam gig, knowing he would be busy and that my request could be seen as a wee bit cheeky. But there was no problem, he agreed straight away saying to just grab him anytime during the evening at PJ Malloys and even offered us access to interview the bands in the dressing room. He really does look out for the musicians, we want to talk about him and the modest DJ, as if by default, puts the acts straight in the frame. As I said if only that could be taught!

Big up to P J Malloys. Great venue

Big up to P J Malloys. Great venue

On the night at PJ Malloys, who had given the venue to Donald free of charge, Donald Spotted us arriving and again succeeded in making us feel welcome, confirming the prior arrangements for interviews etc, I should point out that we decided to review the acts at this gig and are now actively seeking interviews with several of them to feature their work in our upcoming magazine as a direct result of Donalds promotional efforts.

Now You must understand that trying to choose the right time to grab a few minutes with Donald was the impossible task for a couple of reasons, firstly, as I suspected when I sent my cheeky request for an interview with him, he was a busy guy, organizing bands, goody bags for the band members which is a nice wee touch, his mothers home baking was on offer in the dressing room for the bands too showing again the personal dedication Donald puts into everything he does. He also was arranging a raffle for which he had procured signed merchandise from across the music industry, as well as keeping his keen eye on the busy schedule of the evening. The other reason being the acts Donald had put together for us on the night were outstanding, I was blown away from the first act to the last. D had put together a blinding array of acts from many genres, his keen ear for talent is clearly an asset to him as not one of his chosen acts let him down they were all great.

The fantastic Ded Rabbit at D Rocks for Oxjam gig

The fantastic Ded Rabbit at D Rocks for Oxjam gig

We managed to grab Donald a little over halfway through the night when we saw him standing for a moment, and again DJ Makin was happy to oblige ushering myself and co founder and editor of our new magazine Ashley Sky Watt into the dressing room. Donald was relaxed as we chatted to him among the various instrument cases in the Small room, I asked him how he had came to be involved in Oxjam and he told us how PJ Malloys had asked on facebook if anyone was interested in doing a gig, he replied saying he would like to do and oxjam gig and it went from there. D went on to tell us how he wanted the gig to reflect the diversity of the local music industry by inviting bands from many genres to perform and by applying the same format as his radio shows, “If I like it and I think it sounds good, then its on” he says, and from what I can see if D likes it and it sounds good to him then its well worth a listen. The canny DJ who has always been involved with charity events when he can Says setting up the Oxjam gig was straight forward enough due to the charity offering a lot of support and the help offered by others. He told us that he had the full backing of the 60 year old radio station Radio West Fife where he has a show. “Hard work but worth it” he told us as he paused for a moment to listen to the current act on the stage, Dave McNeil, not missing a moment even when being interviewed, I have to admit to being distracted by Dave’s set myself, he was real good.

Dave Mc Neil another great set

Dave Mc Neil another great set

Donald believes anyone who is interested should get involved in Oxjam and says the key is to find willing participants who are happy to roll their sleeves up and get involved he told us how the drum kit on the stage had been borrowed from a local recording studio and on its arrival at the venue he didn’t know how to set it up and one of his bands for the night, Animal Attic, stepped up and mucked in setting up the drum kit  for him. This is what the oxjam initiative is based on, the willingness of people to help one another to achieve a common goal  which in this case was Donald’s Oxjam gig. It works too, bringing together people who may never have ended up in the same room as one another, opening doors for new musicians that otherwise would have remained firmly shut and creating a superb night of music for all us lovers of the live.

We finished our interview with Donald by asking him if he were to get in a musical time machine what musical era he would travel to and his answers reflect everything he had told us and highlight his genuine passion for music from all genres , He told us he would like to share some time with Mozart, or Catch up with Public enemy in the early 90s and  I wasn’t surprised when he told us he would love to see John Peel in the early days particularly his sessions with David Bowie. My opinion is that we need many more Donald Makins in Scotland, more people who selflessly give up their time to promote and help new talent to be seen.

Organiser and local radio DJ Donald Makin with Squirrell  Of This Silent Forest

Organiser and local radio DJ Donald Makin with Squirrell Of This Silent Forest

The good news is that our association with Donald doesn’t end here, as he has kindly accepted our invitation to write articles for our magazine which we look forward to. Meantime you can catch his hidden gem of a radio show on Radio West Fife every Saturday from 7 till 9 PM this show often includes live sets performed in the studio by some really good new artists so give it a listen.

I take my hat off to this modest guy and every thing he stands for, and I’ll wager that any musicians he has came into contact with along the way will heap the same well deserved praise on the man. Keep up the good work Donald……………….Respect!


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Mobo Awards 2013


Voice of Scotland goes Mobo


 By Neil Kerr

Now I know the Mobo Awards isn’t exactly Scottish, but this year, as it was being hosted in Scotland at the brand new SSE Hydro in Glasgow I just couldn’t resist the temptation to kill 2 birds with one stone by going to see this excellent event and stealing the chance to see the magnificent structure that is Scotland’s newest live entertainment venue, the SSE Hydro! So tickets were procured for the event’s “golden circle” which, being situated directly in front of the stage was, for me,  just the place to be!


On our arrival at the Hydro the domineering structure really tickled my fancy for architecture, such a stunning building, it seems to reach out and draw you into its rumbling belly with its magnificent lighting constantly changing colour while revealing little glimpses of its interior through the completely glazed  sides of the structure, which I found very alluring and was quickly drawn inside. The allure ended there, disappointing is a kind word to use for this badly finished concrete lump. I saw badly finished floors, stairs, walls, Rails and more around the outer circle which I was not expecting in such a modern newly finished building. A shame really but then I suppose the Arena is the most important part and not the outer circle.


I decided to get some food while inside and, to my dismay found the choice was very limited, I opted for a simple cheese burger which cost a whopping £6.50 and wasn’t even hot but only slightly warm, more disappointment. Their drinks weren’t cheap either making for an expensive evening once you are in there. Whatever you do don’t get a drink and some food at the same time in the Hydro or you will be left with both hands full as there was not a lot of places to put anything down and not a single table to be seen, once again thats not why we were there I suppose but from what I saw the food side of things sure didn’t match up to the information on their website.

20131019_220506Into the arena we went  and immediately the hydro was redeemed, wow, just wow. What a venue, up there with the likes of the 02 arena and London’s Earls Court. It is an enormous space set out over three levels of which the first and second floor are fully seated and from what I could see they could do as they needed with the massive space that makes up the ground floor where, for this event, they had set up behind us in the “golden circle” the obligatory VIP tables and there was some more seating behind the tables.


The show Started to a far less than capacity crowd and yet more disappointment on hearing the first words, or rather not hearing them, unbelievably I could not make out a word that was said due to extremely poor sound quality all we could hear was muffled babbling no actual words could be deciphered. Thankfully I could see the autocue for the stage allowing me to see what hosts for the evening Trevor Nelson and Sarah Jane Crawford were saying, but this arrangement did leave me with my back to the stage at times as the autocue was behind me, I was told after the show that the audience members further back could hear better.

However, the show was underway and the first act rudimental did not let us down particularly when Ella Eyre joined them on stage for a blinding performance of hit “Waiting All Night” which for me stole the show! Emma was just superb giving her all in a very energetic performance, What a voice she has too, which gladly I could hear. I won’t list all the acts here as I recommend you watch the mobos on BBC iplayer if you haven’t seen it already. You can hear it fine on your telly and you can tell see for yourself just how good the acts were.

ella eyre

Now to be honest as the awards began to be handed out it was very difficult to keep up, between the essential taking of pictures and reading of the autocue, due to still not being able to make out a word the hosts said which really was a shame. I heard a lot of people saying the same thing in the area we were in, indeed some of the people I spoke to left not knowing who had won what, perhaps a cunning plan by the BBC to get us on their iplayer. In the end however after missing a lot of action on the stage in favour of the autocue I did get a wee list of the winners and nominations together.


  • Best Album – nominees:- Angel, Disclosure, Laura Mvula, Rudimental and Wiley.    Winner –  Rudimental
  • Best Female in association with Tresor Paris – Nominees -Jessie J, Jessie Ware, Laura Mvula, Lianne La Havas and Rita Ora.   Winner -Laura Mvula
  • Best Male – Nominees – Disclosure, Naughty Boy, Rudimental, Wiley and Wretch 32.    winner – Wiley 
  •  Best International Act – Nominees – Ciara,Iggy Azalea,J.Cole, Jason Derulo, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel and Robin Thicke.       Winner –  Kendrick Lamar 
  • Best Jazz – Nominees – Sons Of Kemet, Courtney Pine, Soweto Kinch, Jazz Jamaica, Lineage     Winner – Sons of Kemet
  • Best Newcomer in association with HTC – Nominees – Daley, Elli Ingram, Etta Bond, Fuse ODG, Jacob Banks, Jahmene Douglas, Krept and Konan, Sam Smith, Shakka, Stylo G.   Winner – Krept & Konan
  • Best Gospel – Nominees – Guvna B, El-Marfex, Lurine Cato, IDMC, Sandra Godley. Winner  Lurine Cato
  • Best Reggae Act – Nominees – Mavado, Popcaan, Sean Paul, Stylo G, Tarrus Riley. Winner –  Sean Paul
  • Best RnB/Soul Act – Nominees – Angel, Daley, Jessie Ware, Laura Mvula, Lianne La Havas. Winner – Laura Mvula 
  • Best African Act – Nominees – Atumpan, Bombino, Fuse ODG, Ice Prince, Liquideep, Mafikizolo, Seun Kuti, Spoek Mathambo, Tiwa Savage, WizKid. Winner – Fuse ODG
  • Best Song in association with PRSforMusic – Nominees – Disclosure feat. AlunaGeorge – White Noise, Naughty Boy – La La La, Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre – Waiting All Night, Wiley feat. Chip – Reloaded, Wretch 32 ft Shakka – Black Out  La La La. Winner – Naughty Boy
  •  Best UK Hip Hop/Grime – Nominees – Akala, K Koke, Tinie Tempah, Wiley, Wretch 32. Winner – Tinie Tempah
  • Best Video in association with SBTV – Nominees – AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies, Dizzee Rascal – Bassline Junkie, Fuse ODG ft Wyclef – Antenna, Laura Mvula – Green Garden , Naughty Boy feat. Sam Smith – La La La, Rizzle Kicks – Lost Generation. Winner – La La La, Naughty Boy
  • Be MOBO – Stephen Lawrence Trust.

All in The Mobo Awards 2013 was a unique experience which I enjoyed from the moment the show began, All the artists that graced the stage that night were excellent and in my opinion were worthy of the honor of playing at such a ceremony. And hats off to the organisers as the show went off without a hitch unless you count the fact that some of us couldn’t hear. It was an experience I would highly recommend to anybody who is a lover of the live, just like me. And we will just have to hope that they see fit to finish the Hydro’s interior off sometime soon and perhaps keep the burgers hot!




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Review – Russell Brand The Messiah Complex

 A new Brand of comedy genius.              By Ashley Skye Watt

rbrand messWithout a doubt Russell Brand’s comedy, if you were able to define it in such a brief statement could be described as outrageously unique. However, this has never been more true that it is with his most recent tour ‘Messiah Complex’.

Watching his latest work at Edinburgh’s Usher Hall, it would be fair to say Brand has swerved away from his well known focus; himself and tales of his whirlwind lifestyle, drugs, debauchery and sexual excess. Not to worry though, there is still plenty of original outlandish Brand! However, it could be said a new style is defined and exibitionist Russell becomes somewhat secondary to a different brand of comedy.

Russell Brand

In his new show Brand tells of his four heros in life and the way in which he believes he shares a likeness to each of them in a different way, Is there another comedian on the planet who could get away with suggesting that he or she has similar qualities to none other than Gandhi, Ché Guevara, Malcolm X and yep, you guessed it, Jesus! I think not! Nonetheless, Brand provides a packed crowd with compelling and utterly hilarious evidence to support his claims, leaving not a moments silence throughout his set as the Usher Hall comes alive with an energy typical to all of Brands’ shows.

Perhaps one of the best features of the show is that it strongly highlights another side to Russell, an eccentric character who is renowned for being depicted negatively in the media for one reason or another. We are reminded of Russell’s capacity for depth and intellect as he portrays a fantastically informative and well researched basis for his show, The topics he uses are current and connect with the audience, even encorporating some Scottish humour. This cleverly thought out narrative asks the audience not only to laugh but also to think which is perhaps what makes it easily Brand’s best tour to date.


Russel Brand is rather like marmite. You either love him or hate him. If, like me, you are one of the ones who love him, this show will not disappoint. Don’t hesitate to get your ticket for ‘Messiah Complex’, I guarantee you’ll to leave not only with sore sides and a huge smile on your face but also having learned something along the way!


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Dunfermline Rocks for Oxjam


One of the main reasons My Voice Of Scotland was created  is because of a love for live arts events.

Now I do love all kinds of live events but, for me, music is a real passion and nothing excites me more than the chance to see and review new and upcoming bands and musicians.

The charity Oxfam’s initiative to have a festival of local live music events across the UK offering folk a night of live bands for a fiver is a brilliant platform for local bands and musicians old and new to raise their profile while helping raise funds for the well known and respected charity. They named this delightful idea Oxjam, and in doing so created a feast of great bands and musicians for me and an army of like minded people up and down the country to enjoy.

One such event locally to me takes place in Dunfermline’s P J Malloys on Friday the 25th October an event you should not miss. I stumbled upon this event recently via twitter when I followed @dunfoxjam, I quickly established that organiser Donald Makin of Radio West Fife intended having “a wee launch gig” in the towns The Green room Cafe bar on Sunday 6th October, and was delighted when he said I was welcome to come along and take a few pictures and do a review of the 2 hour launch event.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAFirst up in the comfortable confides of The Green room, kindly handed over to the organisers by bashful owner and chef Neil, was Dave McNeil a local solo musician who took to the stage with his guitar and got straight to it  with his well carried, smooth voice paying us three excellent tracks including a superbly performed cover of Paolo Nutini’s Rewind. Dave’s acoustic set showed us he has a real passion for his art as he played the set out seamlessly to small audience of 18 and growing in an intimate venue which is a tall order for any musician. All in all Dave proved to be an articulate performer whose smooth tones proved to be a fitting start to the event.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe next performer to take to the stage as The Green Room filled up and the coffee flowed was one half of duo Wolfmonkey who told us the other band member couldn’t be with us and that the missing Half of their act was the singer! “I’ll do my best” he told the growing audience of eager ears. And he sure delivered the goods Playing two acoustic tracks filling the room with his husky voice and perfectly demonstrating his skill as a guitarist. He even threw in some comedy with a wee joke between his tracks, perfect. If this was just half of what Wolfmonkey have to offer then I would love to hear the whole of this foot tapping good performance. May have to go to the Glasgow oxjam for that treat though as they are playing there  due to the bill for Dunfermline being full, sounds like a good excuse to get to another gig to me!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAAfter a short break and another round of coffee a band in their infancy having only been together for 2 months or so and with a preference for performing their own songs named Animalattic took the stage. Donald announced the fact their gig from the previous night had started at midnight and the lads had been up since 9am rehearsing and then straight here. I will admit to having my doubts at this stage even though these lads were clearly dedicated and enthusiastic. My doubts however were quickly dissolved at the discovery of my right foot tapping away to their first track, which I should point out I have never heard before as it was one of their own creations and a fabulous creation it is. The band continued by playing their gorgeous cover of the Bill Withers classic Ain’t No Sunshine followed up by another of their own well put together and equally fabulous creations called Un-noticed. These guys are good and young, two months together and wow. Look out people because Animalattic are coming.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe fourth band to grace our ears were five piece indy / post-punk revival group Echo Arcadia who played a three track set which were all their own work. Three guitars, a fiddle and a drum were used by the band to create their superbly melodic coming together of instruments and voices. Heads bobbed and feet tapped around the room as the fab five moved through their set treating us to three tracks from their upcoming LP to be released on 14th January 2014 entitled Beauty In An Average Life. Just excellent, and the extra thrill of a wee preview from their album made these focused and extremely talented musicians the highlight of my afternoon. I look forward to getting my copy of their album in january!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe Fifth and final act of the afternoon were three piece rap band  Supa DaKryptonites . Now once again, faced with a young band who have been together for a mere 6 months, seeing one band member with a guitar and another with a ukulele or a little guitar and being told I was about to hear some rap left me with my doubts. Rappers with guitars does work though as the trio went right on and proved before my ears with a mixture of their original creations, a humorous rap entitled My Love For Nandos, and their cover of a capella classic Don’t Worry be happy by Bobby McFerrin done in their quirky reggae rap style. Supa DaKryptonites have released a 2 track single already and I have to say, in the end I found their superbly different beats quite irresistible!

Now what more can I say, that was a fantastic afternoon sampling some cracking new musicians and that was only the launch, a small taster of the rapidly approaching main event at P J Malloys on the 25th of October where we will see a night with no less than seven live bands plus special guests gracing the stage. And, all that for just a fiver on the door.

I take my hat off to Oxfam and their devoted volunteers up and down the country for enabling these Oxjam events to become a reality and not only helping themselves along the way but helping hundreds of unknown bands and musicians to gain local recognition which is the foundations of any successful career in live arts.

If you cannot get along to the event at Dunfermline then fear not because there is one near you, just search for oxfam and follow the links on their pages. I think next year we may have voiceofscotland rocks for Oxjam.

Big thankyou to all for involving us in this excellent project, see you at P J Malloys!

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