Review – Wolfmonkey

Wolfmonkey at PJ Molloys

By Neil Kerr

Wolfmonkey were the opening act at a somewhat deserted PJ Molloys on the Sunday night I went to see them for the first time as a whole band. Having seen Wolf performing solo previously at an acoustic launch gig for D Rocks for Oxjam in october, I was left intrigued, as before he delivered an outstanding solo performance, Wolf told us Monkey was their vocalist!

Wolfmonkey a five piece outfit, clearly bemused by the empty dunfermline venue, carried on regardless starting with a catchy wee number entitled Shine The Light  which was a good start, certainly worthy of a later time slot than was given. The Cowdenbeath bands’ next offering, Trying To Find My Way, upped the standard musically and demonstrated an ability to vary their vocal making their sound unique and interesting to the listener.

Monkey and Wolf

As Wolfmonkey continued through their well rehearsed set, showcasing one great self written song after another, I felt each song was progressively better than its predecessor which can only be good because as I said Shine the light was a good start! They further demonstrated their talent by treating us to their “Redneck Song”, as well as a rendition of a song they had written four days ago and only rehearsed once called Junkie, which I loved and a superb rock style rap which shows a lot of influences from many genres. Although in a rather good video on youtube, entitled “Wolfmonkey BBC Interview” Wolf confesses his main influence is Simba from the Lion King and Monkey says his biggest influence is claude Greengrass from TV series Heartbeat.

Wolfmonkey played a great set in my opinion and showed they are more than just promising musicians with some good comedy thrown in too, some of their youtube uploads certainly favour comedy over music but their fantastic acoustic stuff, alongside the comedy and some pretty good videos of the whole band available to see on youtube only demonstrate further the unique talent that is Wolfmonkey, A unique band that are well worth the ticket price.

Wolfmonkey are well worth the ticket price


I like Wolfmonkey, I like their raw talent and willingness to showcase that raw side alongside well tuned performances such as the one I saw at PJ Molloys that night, I like their varied style and the local roots to some of their songs  I like their confidence in themselves which comes through in their music and their song writing. I like the comedy too. Maybe you should do a couple of comedy songs lads, like the Australians Kevin Bloody Wilson or Axis Of Awesome, that would be fun. But don’t stop the serious stuff because that stuff needs to be heard.

I for one will be going to see Wolfmonkey again soon. Maybe we can catch the guys and find out if Simba and Greengrass are for real and get the gossip on their plans for the future. In the meantime get along and see them if you can. Or check them out on youtube.

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Review – Rachel Mc Alpine

Rachel McAlpine

Rachel McAlpine at PJ Malloys

By Ashley Skye Watt


First on stage and playing to no more than ten people in a hushed PJ Molloys, Rachel McAlpine looks a tad nervous stood alone on stage with her guitar. However, it is immediately apparent to everyone watching that her nerves are needless from the moment she opens her mouth. This girl has real raw talent and a natural singing ability. She is instantly compelling to watch as she draws you in with her beautiful voice and numerous catchy songs. A young and fresh mix of husky Scottish melodies which can easily be likened to that of Scottish singer Amy MacDonald but with her own twist and a very individual vibe, less pop-like and touching more on rock style sound.


At only eighteen she performed to a sky high standard

Rachel is an excellent singer/songwriter, not shy to showcase her song writing abilities as well as her vocal talent. From a relevantly short set, I for one was left feeling impressed by her selection of her own works, written and sang nothing short of flawlessly. At only eighteen she performed to a sky high standard and I would predict that as she is only just starting out, there will be a lot more to come from her!

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Review – Ded Rabbit

Ded Rabbit

Headlining at D Rocks for Oxjam last Friday were the incredible Ded Rabbit

By Ashley Skye Watt

Headlining at D Rocks for Oxjam last Friday were the incredible Ded Rabbit. The four Yorkshire boys are brothers whose musical motivation began after they moved to the Scottish highlands. It was there that their musical careers launched and propelled by boredom they decided to pick up their musical instruments to form an indie-pop style band. This perhaps was the best decision they ever made – even if it was less than apparent to them at the time they started out!

Ded Rabbit

Electric funky sax solos one of the most fundamental and appealing characteristics of their sound.

Since then Ded Rabbit have skyrocketed into the music scene, playing gigs and festivals all over Scotland. They have been described as ‘one of the most promising young bands in the Capital right now’ by the Edinburgh Evening News and based on their fantastic performance at PJ Malloys in Dunfermline, I for one can see exactly why!


Ded Rabbit are one of these bands who really come alive on stage,

Ded Rabbit

their crazy energy and passion really shines when watching a live performance. All four boys really portray an admirable air of professionalism and it is clear to see that in comparison to many new bands, they clearly work extremely hard and are very well rehearsed. Aside from that, their songs are nothing short of infectious, one listen and you’ll be away home to YouTube that awesome tune stuck in your head,  just as I was after the Oxjam gig. This band oozes talent and charisma, at this rate they’ll be making it big in no time at all!

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Review – Squirrell of This Silent Forest

Squirrell  Of This Silent Forest

Squirrell Of This Silent Forest plays PJ Malloys

By Ashley Skye Watt

Playing his first solo acoustic set in two years, frontman Graeme Macdonald (also known as Squirrel) blows away a somewhat quiet PJ Malloys with his Scottish indy-folk vocals. Un-phased by the quiet turnout, Graeme creates an instant bond with the audience and has them laughing along with his quick witted humor almost instantly.

His band, This Silent Forest are a Glasgow born band who are known for their modern twist on Scottish folk. Graeme cannot be in any way faulted vocally, he has an excellent and powerful voice and delivered one song after another with passion, force and feeling. Having been compared to such vocalists as James Graham of The Twilight Sad, Neil Pennycook of Meursalt and James Allan of Glasvegas, it goes without saying that this guy has talent!

Squirrell  Of This Silent Forest Played a Real good set

The 30th of September saw the release of the band’s debut album, Indivision – a great addition to any music collection. This Silent Forest are on their way up in the music scene and their album is an example of their ability and dedication to what they do. If Scottish indy is your thing, this band is one to keep a close eye on, I highly doubt they will be playing intimate gigs such as this one in Dunfermline for very long.

Organiser and local radio DJ Donald Makin with Squirrell  Of This Silent Forest


I cannot personally comment on the bands performance as a group (having not yet seen them play together live). However, I would go as far as to say that based on what I was lucky enough to see at D Rocks for Oxjam they are high up my list of new acts to catch! I imagine Graeme’s cracking performance is only a taster of what the band are capable of as a whole and thus their headline show at Glasgow’s King Tuts on the 6th of December is one to get along to!

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Review – Phantom Brake Pedal

Phantom Brake Pedal

Phantom Brake Pedal in action at PJ Malloys

By Ashley Skye Watt

On Friday the 25th of October, Phantom Brake Pedal – an alternative rock band from Dundee showcased their talent with an impressive live performance at a local venue; PJ Molloys. Playing at D Rocks for Oxjam in Dunfermline, they put on a fantastic show and really created an incredible atmosphere amongst the crowd. From the moment they stepped on stage the boys had an electric energy and stage presence which exuded enthusiasm and passion.

Phantom Brake Pedal


Their set consisted of a whirl of self-written rock songs, all of which were edgy and current with a pop vibe, the sort of music you instantly take to on first hearing it. The crowd certainly approved anyway!

Having already taken Dundee by storm and created a name for themselves within the local music scene, this foursome is by no means slowing down. Their dedication has taken them up and down the country playing gigs at any opportunity and fighting to construct an identity for their band in the music industry. There are so many artists who are yet to be discovered and these four really are brilliant – if anyone does, they do indeed deserve the recognition they are working for.

Phantom Brake Pedal

Phantom Brake Pedal have also just released their debut EP, ‘Objects for Entertainment’.  This is an example of more creative rock pop tunes which the band have written themselves and done so with style and a flourish of very professional capability. Certainly no amateurs, Phantom Brake Pedal are ready to take the world by storm!


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