Review – Craig Hilll

Craig Hill Meets his audiencefive stars

Craig Hill – Tartan About                                                          By Neil Kerr

Craig Hill is unpredictably predictable!

The Glasgow comic’s energy and charisma are immediately  apparent as he bounds onto the stage doing his trademark dance routine, predictable yes, although extremely funny no matter how many times you see it!

Also predictable is the fact that if you sit too close to the stage you will very possibly become part of  the show. That however, is where predictability succumbs to unpredictability and the proper side splitting fun begins

Craig’s ability to select an audience member just right for his performance is uncanny, his sharp wit and relentless ability to think on his feet make this approach work perfectly for him as he effortlessly moves from one “victim” to the next with killer jokes flowing fast and predictability long gone.

His audience loved it the laughter never stopping once for the entire hour and all the “victims” seemed to enjoy their role in his show even though they all ended up being used as material.

Mix this up with hilarious stories of staff at Greggs and being recognized (or was that caught) shopping in the pound shop, some fantastic impressions, a superb heckle from Craig’s kilt maker, more hilarious unpredictable fun with the audience and you have the recipe for one of the best hours to be had at this years Edinburgh festival, performed by a master of comedy who delivers the goods time and again to sell out audiences.

I think I may even go again it was so good!


craig hill

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Review The Accidentals

the accidentals rehearsingimages (1)

By Neil Kerr

St Andrews uni all female A Capella group The Accidentals sure know how to wow.

Their enthusiasm and musicality spills over the edge of the stage and engulfs the audience the moment the show begins, like an invisible cloud of feel good factor! Their confidence is apparent as the ten young ladies take stage and get on with it, with a fantastic array of songs for all tastes from Jessie J to Fleetwood Mac.

The girls’ powerful combination of vocals, beatboxing and harmonious noise making is intoxicating, and powerful enough to invoke genuine emotion among audience members.. I witnessed a few wet eyes in the audience during their excellent rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way.

It was that good!

Their choreography needs touching up a little, although it was for the most part ok, there is room for improvement there. On the other hand, this show is not about choreography, its about the A Capella…..And that was spot on.

All in all an excellent hour which left me happily wanting for more!

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The Edinburgh Comedy Festival

By Neil Kerr

Edinburgh’s annual month long comedy festival…….. so much more than the comedy!

Expect the unexpected during your visit to this fantastic festival.

Just walking through this magnificent city to the venues clustered around Bristo and George squares brings a fantastic array of acts from all over the planet.

A walk up the High Street makes a fantastic start to any day at the festival and a perfect opportunity to see  bite sized snippets from many of the acts offering tickets to their shows at the many venues across the city alongside the plentiful street performers with their spectacular variety of entertaining shows to behold for a mere donation in their hat at the end of their show.




These images are from my walk up the High Street which was bustling with performers and audiences. Every ten yards or so there is something to see or listen to for everyone.



If its live shows you are interested in seeing, the Edinburgh festival has what you are looking for, theatre, comedy, music, kids shows, dance or cabaret is all there for you to enjoy.

Once you are finished soaking up the street performances there is plenty more to see at Bristo Square and the surrounding area where you will find the Udderbelly’s iconic upside down purple cow amongst many other venues including, the Gilded Balloon, Assembly@ George Square, and Pleasance’s Dome and Courtyard venues to name but a few. Inside each of these venues there are many rooms of various sizes housing a wide variety of different performances for you to choose from, so choose wisely as not all will be to your taste. I found the links at the bottom of this page helpful for reviews etc.

And while you are there do not forget to soak up the atmosphere at the many bars and food areas on offer while enjoying well deserved refreshments.

Pictures of the venues mentioned above click on the image to visit the venue website

If you are considering a day at the festival then do not think any more, just do it!

Go and I assure you that if you plan your visit in advance, pre-booking your tickets to avoid disappointment and ensuring you know how to get to your venues then you will have a great time.Although I do think a week is a more appropriate length of time to take in the best that the festival has to offer.

click these links to find out more or book tickets online. or

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