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Craig Hill Meets his audiencefive stars

Craig Hill – Tartan About                                                          By Neil Kerr

Craig Hill is unpredictably predictable!

The Glasgow comic’s energy and charisma are immediately  apparent as he bounds onto the stage doing his trademark dance routine, predictable yes, although extremely funny no matter how many times you see it!

Also predictable is the fact that if you sit too close to the stage you will very possibly become part of  the show. That however, is where predictability succumbs to unpredictability and the proper side splitting fun begins

Craig’s ability to select an audience member just right for his performance is uncanny, his sharp wit and relentless ability to think on his feet make this approach work perfectly for him as he effortlessly moves from one “victim” to the next with killer jokes flowing fast and predictability long gone.

His audience loved it the laughter never stopping once for the entire hour and all the “victims” seemed to enjoy their role in his show even though they all ended up being used as material.

Mix this up with hilarious stories of staff at Greggs and being recognized (or was that caught) shopping in the pound shop, some fantastic impressions, a superb heckle from Craig’s kilt maker, more hilarious unpredictable fun with the audience and you have the recipe for one of the best hours to be had at this years Edinburgh festival, performed by a master of comedy who delivers the goods time and again to sell out audiences.

I think I may even go again it was so good!


craig hill

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