Review The Accidentals

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By Neil Kerr

St Andrews uni all female A Capella group The Accidentals sure know how to wow.

Their enthusiasm and musicality spills over the edge of the stage and engulfs the audience the moment the show begins, like an invisible cloud of feel good factor! Their confidence is apparent as the ten young ladies take stage and get on with it, with a fantastic array of songs for all tastes from Jessie J to Fleetwood Mac.

The girls’ powerful combination of vocals, beatboxing and harmonious noise making is intoxicating, and powerful enough to invoke genuine emotion among audience members.. I witnessed a few wet eyes in the audience during their excellent rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way.

It was that good!

Their choreography needs touching up a little, although it was for the most part ok, there is room for improvement there. On the other hand, this show is not about choreography, its about the A Capella…..And that was spot on.

All in all an excellent hour which left me happily wanting for more!

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