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By Neil Kerr

Having been invited to the Kingdom Cuts Christmas party this year was for me a very exciting prospect. Generally a gig for the musicians, bands and staff involved in the making of the excellent shows that the committed people there produced, I felt greatly honored to be asked to go along and join in the festivities. Kev, the organiser who asked me along had arranged a great line up of local talent from Fife to entertain us all. However this he told me was to be the last ever Kingdom Cuts gig, a shocker for me and everyone who has ever been a part of this superb initiative, giving new local talents a chance to be heard by 4000+ pairs of ears. Something as you well know I am passionate about. Such a shame, however Kingdom cuts was not going out the back door……

Sandy Power

First up in the Echo Chambers Studio on the night was Talented singer songwriter from Kirkcaldy Sandy Power. The Young musician took the stage in his tartan santa hat and got straight to it introducing himself before striking up some great tunes. His acoustic set of a mix of covers and some of his own creations was rather good. One or two of his songs including “New Age” reminded me of the great Neil young, both in style and sound, The young musician carried on through his set,

Sandy Powerpausing only to introduce his songs and tune his guitar. Sandy had the gathered musicians singing along to his great cover of Blur’s “Woo Hoo” and he treated us to some tracks from his upcoming EP to be released on CD 1st Febuary 2013. I think Sandy power who also plays cello for Our Smallest Adventures will be hearing from Voice of Scotland again in the near future so once you have downloaded his new EP, look out for more on him here. Check Sandy’s soundcloud out here and his facebook page

Darren Forbes

Next up to entertain our ears was a young musician I have been wanting to see for some time now, another singer songwriter, also hailing from Kirkcaldy, the very talented Darren Forbes AKA Forbes Acoustic. Now, not seeming that different to Sandy, Darren took the stage with his guitar and a harmonica but no hat. He also started by introducing himself, something that pleases me no end as a lot of musicians just take the stage, play and leave, leaving some folk wondering who the heck they were.

Darren Forbes

Darren cracked on with a set similar to sandy with covers and some of his own great tracks, his talent with a guitar becoming immediately apparent. His style was very much his own and he demonstrated a consistent ability to switch between vocal and harmonica to great effect. His set was a credit to him, well rehearsed and effortlessly performed. I think this young man will be around for a while. He has high hopes for 2014 and I think he will certainly shine as the year progresses. Again he will definately be hearing for Voice of Scotland again. Check him out on his soundcloud here and on facebook

The Mona Lisas

Now, the third band that Kev had arranged to grace the stage for the Kingdom Cuts Xmas party was a band I have seen several times before and, as yet I have not written anything about. It’s not that I don’t like them, nor is it that I don’t want to write about them, I do, and I will. However, and the band may hate me for this, I am not going to write too much about them here; as I am going to see them again next week and intend do take a full review from that gig.

The Mona Lisas

 It was fantastic Fife band The Mona Lisas, Winner of Voice of Scotland’s first ever single of the week, I will say that every time I have seen them the setting just wasn’t right, although their performances have blew me away each and every time. They are energetic, and their well put together music is sure to please. Needless to say they rocked the stage at the Kingdom Cuts party Getting the whole room moving to their sound and they gave their all for the stars of the night, the Kingdom cuts legends. But like I say more on them very soon. Again check these guys out on soundcloud and on facebook

Supa & Da Kryptonites

Last up for Kingdom cuts’ farewell xmas gig were another favorite of mine Supa & Da Kryptonites who, as ever were just brilliant, they have the power, the power absorbing Kryptonites that is. They engaged the audience and owned the stage from the out as always treating us to some fine tunes again though I am not going to say too much here as I have more coming on them soon and there is already something on our blog about them.

Supa & Da Kryptonites

so while you wait for more. Check them out on our blog here Or on their soundcloud here  and facebook too What more can I say other than the best things come to those who wait!

Kingdom Cuts will leave a huge gap in Fife’s local music scene, a gap that will be hard to fill, there presence will be missed by a good many musicians and fans alike. The shame is that as always in the music industry cash seems to be a major part of the end of this great promoter of local talent. If you don’t have cash you wont make it seems to be the norm across the industry which I think sucks, So much talent is never heard because it costs so much to record a CD and they just cannot afford it, which is why initiatives like Kingdom cuts are such a big help to new musicians, it gets them heard, and other DJs and radio stations listen to these things for sure, which spreads the word yet further.

However, thats it from Kingdom Cuts…… For now anyway, because with a wee bit of luck someone might just have boots big enough to fill the gap. Until then, Big Up to all at the legendary Kingdom Cuts to every person who gave their time to make it happen. We salute you all and wish you all the best with your future…. Keep in touch.

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