Marmion: E.P. Review, ‘Prophylactic Groove’

by Harsharan Hoonjan


Band: Marmion

Members:  Sandy Power (vocals, keyboard, mandolin), Carlos Donaire (Guitar), Caroline Mayo (Guitar), James Lagarde (Bass), and Liam Tucker (Drums)

E.P. Title: Prophylactic Groove

Released: 17th April 2015

Location:  Edinburgh

Formed: 2014

The sensational Sandy Power is back! Not on his own though, he’s returned to the music scene with college mates: Carlos Donaire, Caroline Mayo, James Lagarde, and Liam Tucker. Together they make up the Edinburgh band known as, ‘Marmion’, and they released their debut E.P. on 17th April. Combining glistening vocals with an eclectic blend of poppy /psychedelic alternative rock, the musical agility binding Prophylactic Groove is interesting.

The title, Prophylactic Groove, actually defines the healing/medicinal benefits associated with music, and this theme is served up in each song.  Also, not only have Marmion produced a lot more tracks than is expected for a debut E.P. But the band contributed to charity organisation, Drake Music Scotland, handing over a £120 cheque for the first batch of sales made as well. Already setting in motion their promise of a band that ‘intrigues and excites.’    –

Prophylactic Groove’s tracks:

1) Mindscape this lets you into relatable yet, “uncomfortable at best” head of a troubled soul. It’s reminiscent of Sandy’s solo efforts, and the band just heighten the hedonistic experience.

2) Going Out is dance floor gold. Full of swaggery hooks and powered up vocals. It evokes head banging, toe tapping, and dance shaped bodily reactions.

3) Goddess is a slow but steady stunner, beautifully arranged and nicely played.

4) City Dreams is a quirkier tale, which will build smiles on any journey.

5) Walking on Water captivates; the story’s romantic entanglement will put you under a trance of hypnotic proportions

6) Sapphire Skies contains intriguing notes that end on an enthralling finale.

The vocals and instrumentation on each track is uncompromising, which makes Prophylactic Groove a finely crafted E.P.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from this talented lot.

Well done Marmion!






Images used with permission.

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