TrebleBass Collective’s Musical Exhibition Set to Change the Game

 Written by Harsharan Hoonjan


You wouldn’t expect to find bars of gold £50 or even £100 notes flying about the streets of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, and the rest of Scotland, and definitely not EVERY night. That would be unbelievable.

But it is happening, more and more unsigned musicians are putting their worth per minute, per song, per performance on a plate, served up for your consumption, every single night.

Claire Campbell, music student, experienced musician, and one part of Wolf Ruby knows this, as does the rest of The Treble Bass Collective. The other members are: Aaron Hobkirk, James Barton, Jonathan Roberts, Rebecca Garland and Scott McGuigan. These ladies and gents are studying music at Glasgow Academy of Music and Sound and have formed the organisation through it. And with it they’re doing something to change the live music game.

Treble Bass Collective’s main focus is ‘to get musicians gigs and experience that is both positive and valuable’  – Claire Campbell

Claire goes on to explain that The Treble Bass Collective is representing three musicians who will be playing three nights, as part of the project.  The Colony, Rain Experiment and Hugh Kearns will showcase their talent on stage. Culminating on night 3 at Stereo, Glasgow, where from 6pm, stalls filled with people from a variety of music industry organisations will be present. Guest speakers will also share their words of wisdom.

Titled: The Happening – TrebleBass Collective’s Musical Exhibition, this unique event aims to attract hordes of people. Especially those who would like to chat to other musicians/organisations involved in live music, connect with insightful souls, fatten contact lists, start putting plans in place for next year, and get the ball rolling by working together to create, establish and build a productive professional music career.

Collaboration in this sense seems like a winner.

Given the concept and organisation, The Treble Bass Collective has been built on solid experience, know- how, and studious roots. Every bit of this night from the ethos to the outcome is promising, extremely promising.

It’s not happened yet but I predict The Happening will be a solid gold bar night, and dare I say it, a game-changer.


Event Details:

The Happening takes place on 9th December, in Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow, from 6-9pm.

Tickets are £5

Please view event organiser’s pages for further information



Twitter: @TheTeeBeeCee

Musicians Facebook pages:





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