Supa & Da Kryptonites Will Play to Win at Wickerman Warm Up Gig

By Harsharan Hoonjan

SKNews about a sizzling gig has set tongues wagging. Supa & Da Kryptonites are playing a Wickerman Warm up gig this Thursday night (25th June), at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy in Glasgow.  Along with three other impressionable acts; The Van T’s, The Turning Plates and Hello Future, Supa & Da Kryptonites will compete to play and open with their set on Wickerman’s Main Stage this year.

The band were voted and narrowed down to 1 of 4 best unsigned bands in Scotland by Sunday Herald readers. Winning the chance to open one of Scotland’s favourite festivals would be an incredible opportunity for all acts, including the Hip-Hop/Grime/Reggae Ska Funkmeisters.


When asked about winning Jay said:

‘It would mean a lot to us all, Pretty humbled to just get this far’

‘Winning I suppose is something I haven’t really thought about,

‘Would be funkin pukka though.’

This event organised by The Wickerman Festival, in association with XFM Scotland and The Herald, is also being headlined by none other than the revered Hector Bizerk!

If you need a Thursday night gig fix, or if you want to see some spectacular performances to accelerate your weekend while supporting Scottish musicians, this gig comes highly recommended.

Here’s Funks The Only Time (I Get Down) which is Supa & Da Kryptonites latest release. Having added the sultry smooth vocalist that is Sarah Knowles to the line-up in November last year, Conal McIntosh  (bassist) in March,, and Jonathan Ginty (alto-sax) last month, their sound has been spiced up once more, Jay’s daughter, Ava,  also introduces this track and the combination is irresistible.

Have a listen here:

Wickerman Warm Up Event Link:


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Mickey 9s: The Party Manifesto

by Harsharan Hoonjan

2015-06-24 09.18.15

Date:  16h May 2015

Venue: Stereo

Band: Mickey 9s

Hometown: Glasgow

Formed:  01/01/09

Genre: ‘Superfluent Sizzle Beat’   –

Event:’ The Party Manifesto’ Album Launch Party

Album Release Date: 19th June 2015

1The Yellow Movement means happy times! But what is this masked man and his fellow comrades communicating to us? The venue is Stereo, and Mickey 9s are the funk.  The debut album launch party for ‘The Party Manifesto’ had finally arrived. And glistening faces in the filled out venue marked the eminence of a vibrant collective fan base.

But when Mickey 9s were up there in lights, I was transported back to 2013; it was Stereo again, in winter (a Christmas Gig). The Post Orgasmic Sunshine Band had headlined that night.

Mickey9s however were playing first, but they were not meant to be first on the bill. I clocked the lead singer we’ll call him masked man again. He was coming out from the shallow opening in a dark corner.

Into the stage he pounced and started jolting out song after song.

There was no stopping the sheer force or movement emitting from this yellow and gold mask- wearing man, and the rest of the band. He was galloping, he was kicking, he was imitating a few Macarena moves and he was telling us to ‘Find A Thing’ to dance to.


In all honesty, there was a level of calm I was expecting unfortunately for my expectations; there were little calm moments during the performance. It was high octane energy and I was struggling to catch each moment, scene/ word.

This all passed by so quickly I hardly recognised myself getting sucked into Mickey 9s quicksand. It was all a bit hypnotic and mind altering. I wanted to dance but couldn’t, I wanted to sing but didn’t know all the words, and I wanted to say all the right things on paper, but they had that covered too.

On the album launch night, I felt a similar affliction to when I had seen them for the first time. They have definitely improved their performance standards. The masked man may have calmed his movements, but not the energy, or beat, and if the mood takes him he will still kick and jump on the spot. Leaving his signature colourful socks on as well – not conforming to shoes on stage yet.

So in winning the Scottish Alternative Music Award in March 2014 for Best Live Act, it was crystal clear why.

Mickey 9s might just be one of the coolest bands I have ever seen,

With their main influence being Daft Punk, they have succeeded in producing a sound that is uniquely fused with funk, whilst sticking to its Glasgow roots and Scottish heritage.!  Patter filled tunes, like ‘Psycho Control’ and ‘Shark in the Water’ exemplify this. Songs like Ammunition and Berlin are also great examples of the band dissecting a piece of history into factual digestible chunks of dancefloor gold.

The album which was available to buy on the night of the launch, gave us a 5 week exclusive over those who didn’t make it. Proceeds also went towards a children’s refugee charity. This is not that surprising a gesture, as philanthropic acts like this is a regular event for Mickey 9s. I can remember at least a dozen gigs last year alone where ticket sales went to a charity of some sort/or they played for free. And it always feels good paying for quality while helping out a worthy cause.

And their album is quality! Containing 10 fiery tracks that leave you fully charged.  It’s not one of those albums that plummets and rises; it’s got a consistent beat and bass power that allows you to enjoy the whole record, without evoking any melancholy. You can nod/bounce on the spot or back flip to the tracks. These four funkmeisters have mastered the art of engaging the listener to their fizz fueled sounds, while delivering sometimes serious political/sociocultural messages.

Their style is to be admired, should you be inclined by a ‘super fluent sizzle beat.’


What else is there to mention? Well the band did provide complimentary gold masks for everyone at their album launch and before that the single launch for Psycho Control. They have their own comic strip providing a further political back bone to their works, portraying the band as musical superheroes.  Also they are always innovating and making it fun for themselves and their fans. For instance, inviting fans to help design their latest batch of T-Shirts. Yes, it’s top drawer jumping on the Mickey 9s bandwagon.

Mickey 9s might just be one of the coolest bands I have ever seen.


Every ounce of their beat, bass, electric guitar, and vocals feels surreal. From singing about Electric Eels, Christopher Walken, dancing to Shark in the Water and Find A Thing to trying to match their stage energy, It is a trip of a show ladies and gentlemen. It’s a smile inducing, goosebump creating, happy after effect, singing their songs for days on end show. That is what I believe they are communicating to us…

That’s the Mickey 9s effect.


For consistently producing this effect and always giving 100 percent, I only have one thing left to say.

Thank Funking Yaldi for the Mickey 9s!



34bAdditional Notes and Summary:

1)   Psycho Control was also issued in an 8″ Vinyl format for Record Store Day at Love Music Glasgow.  They also produced Tins O’ Funk. This is likely a tin of beans wrapped in animated packaging.  Dave Arnott is the face of the new product.  It’s said to contain bits of shark too!  Last time I checked, Love Music  confirmed it still had copies of their single, ‘Psycho Control’ on vinyl , the album , The Party Manifesto, and plenty of Tins O Funk!

2)      Only 200 physical copies of the CD for Psycho Control were produced

3)     They won a SAMA Award last year for Best Live Act, then played an after party  set at Nice ‘N’ Sleazy’s

4)      As well as major cities, they’ll sometimes come to places like Cumbernauld, Greenock and Hamilton to play, adding to their already impressive gig map.

5)      They rock every crowd no matter how many people show up.

6)     Official launch date for the album was June 19th 2015. But they gave album launch party attendees a 5 week exclusive over everyone else.

7)      Ammunition is actually about the Holocaust

8)      Psycho Control is based on David Cameron and the Tories

9)      Mickey 999? That one is actually about the Mickey 9s


Enjoy the album and the gigs  – worth every penny.

To Mickey 9s, thanks again for having me and congrats on your superb debut album!



Album Launch Night Videos:

Band Links:

Upcoming Events:

Friday 17 July 2015

King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow, UK

Saturday 18 July 2015

The Tunnels, Aberdeen, UK

Friday 07 August 2015 – Sunday 09 August 2015

Mugstock Festival  at Mugdock Country Park, Glasgow, UK







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Marmion: E.P. Review, ‘Prophylactic Groove’

by Harsharan Hoonjan


Band: Marmion

Members:  Sandy Power (vocals, keyboard, mandolin), Carlos Donaire (Guitar), Caroline Mayo (Guitar), James Lagarde (Bass), and Liam Tucker (Drums)

E.P. Title: Prophylactic Groove

Released: 17th April 2015

Location:  Edinburgh

Formed: 2014

The sensational Sandy Power is back! Not on his own though, he’s returned to the music scene with college mates: Carlos Donaire, Caroline Mayo, James Lagarde, and Liam Tucker. Together they make up the Edinburgh band known as, ‘Marmion’, and they released their debut E.P. on 17th April. Combining glistening vocals with an eclectic blend of poppy /psychedelic alternative rock, the musical agility binding Prophylactic Groove is interesting.

The title, Prophylactic Groove, actually defines the healing/medicinal benefits associated with music, and this theme is served up in each song.  Also, not only have Marmion produced a lot more tracks than is expected for a debut E.P. But the band contributed to charity organisation, Drake Music Scotland, handing over a £120 cheque for the first batch of sales made as well. Already setting in motion their promise of a band that ‘intrigues and excites.’    –

Prophylactic Groove’s tracks:

1) Mindscape this lets you into relatable yet, “uncomfortable at best” head of a troubled soul. It’s reminiscent of Sandy’s solo efforts, and the band just heighten the hedonistic experience.

2) Going Out is dance floor gold. Full of swaggery hooks and powered up vocals. It evokes head banging, toe tapping, and dance shaped bodily reactions.

3) Goddess is a slow but steady stunner, beautifully arranged and nicely played.

4) City Dreams is a quirkier tale, which will build smiles on any journey.

5) Walking on Water captivates; the story’s romantic entanglement will put you under a trance of hypnotic proportions

6) Sapphire Skies contains intriguing notes that end on an enthralling finale.

The vocals and instrumentation on each track is uncompromising, which makes Prophylactic Groove a finely crafted E.P.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from this talented lot.

Well done Marmion!






Images used with permission.

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East Coast Defector & Universal Thee -Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh, 15th May 2015

As my friend Thomas (brother of Universal Thee bassist Andrew Perrie) picks me up Glasgow after he finished his shift at the place I used to work, I’m feeling philosophical about life in general. My intention is to drink Irn Bru and do some photographs of the bands and not consume alcohol at any point in the evening. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, not that I’m suggesting that Edinburgh is in any way Hell. I quite like the place. Just sometimes setting yourself aims that are unachievable can only result in a fall.

The Motorway zooms underneath the car as Thomas becomes my proxy psychiatrist and we get to Edinburgh faster than you could say akataphasia. I’m rambling on a lot, he is driving so is a captive audience as we hit the outskirts of the capital. This is where the real problems begin though. Both of us kind of know where the venue is. However Matt Berry’s voice on the Satnav and the one way systems in the City cause a disconnect between where we are and where we hope to be. “fire the nuclear weapons!” and “tuuurn riight in 23 yards!” throw us a bit. “I’m a pedestrian” I shout aloud as Berry’s voice misguides us further away from the venue, of course he is not listening as it was just a recording of his lines. Thomas, a native of this fair City, eventually gets us close enough to park the car and walk to where we hope The Wee Red Bar is. This works tremendously as my innate navigation (due south of the Castle) gets us to the entrance of the Edinburgh Art College, where helpfully someone has chalked “follow the monkey” on the ground. This low tech approach takes us to the place we want to be, and would have been at earlier no doubt, if it wasn’t for that pesky Matt Berry Satnav!


We arrive just as The Indos are finishing their set, so I’ll leave a review of that band for another time. What I heard was nice though so I hope to see them at a future gig. The Wee Red Bar itself is a typical small student bar/venue which is nicely full of people who seem to like live music. Alan Clarke from East Coast Defector comes over and asks me if I’d like a drink. I automatically say “lager or something” and my soft drink dreams are shattered in three words. It is all his fault…well not really, I blame Matt Berry and his confusing directions on the Satnav.


Also at this point, I wonder about the possibly ex Spetsnaz security guard outside the place who was a bit worried about people smoking at the smoking area and requested we move aside for a trolley full of soft drinks and snacks whilst it was still out of range. We complied of course as we wanted to see the bands and not engage in combat. But for him I might have heisted a few Mars bars and some cans of Fanta as part of my world domination plans. Alas I was thwarted so I chatted with the bands for a bit instead.


And so…Universal Thee take to the stage and begin a fantastic set comprising of some songs from their first album : Back to Earth, interspersed with some new tracks from the forthcoming and as yet untitled LP. There is a dynamic at play with James and Lisa Russell’s vocals on top of Robin Spivey’s guitar riffs which are riding on top of Andrew Perrie’s bass and Matt Grieve’s drums. Like a layer cake or a pyramid. It would work just as well inverted. Universal Thee are poppy and punky and indie and rocky in equal measures. And their set is tight and organised despite their quirkiness and perhaps seemingly shambolic presentation. They come across as shy and a bit quiet in between songs, then hit you right in the face with some quite powerful lyrics and arrangements. I only do pictures for 2 or 3 songs so I can watch this band play (I also made a video on my phone can of  Xang : linked below.*)

Universal Thee 7

Universal Thee open with Keep Falling which is has the line “Chastity, I left my belt at home tonight” after it’s bouncy guitar/bass/drum intro.

New tracks Speaker and Hamlet 3 are high points in the set. Andrew’s bass playing suggests a baroque feeling whilst his energetic movements and genuinely joyful stances suggests a more free outlook. Robin gets tore in with his wonderfully off kilter riffs and phrases on guitar. Matt rocks out with his Cardiacs T shirt on and cowbell ( on just one song, but we are all waiting for it – Xang being the track in question.)  And Eric is done without an explanation of 0800 chat line numbers for a change (maybe I should have shouted “hey what is this song about?” )


Universal Thee 7 by Pat McGuire

Who do they sound like to me? Pixies and Pavement spring to mind of course. But there is also an extra thing going on with Universal Thee that I can’t quite put my finger on. Do I like them? Yes, of course. They have that unquantifiable and elusive ingredient that other bands sometimes try too hard to find but which will stay elusive unless you have it inherently. They have that thing that makes you like them as people as well as a band and makes you enjoy them more and more on each listen. That “thang” or that “xang” that just can’t be faked or manufactured. It has to just happen, it has to be part of an alignment of fate/synchronicity/talent and of course, hard work.


See Universal Thee’s Facebook page for more info here

My set of photographs of Universal Thee from the gig can be seen here.

Xang by Universal Thee on YT :



The headliners tonight are also friends of mine whom I’ve reviewed before. East Coast Defector. So tonight was pretty amazing for me as I got to see two of my favourite bands playing the same place on the same night. At this rate I might be up for a lottery win soon.


East Coast Defector are a band I’ve seen a few times in Glasgow. But tonight (to paraphrase Danny Dyer) “I’m on their manor, and things are about to kick off!” ECD (as us in the know refer to them) are an astoundingly good band. At first you would be forgiven for thinking that they shouldn’t exist, they do come across as if the universe had twisted itself a bit and came up with a random number pattern. Alan Clarke seems even taller as there is no stage in the Wee Red Bar. His frame dominates the centre as he hooks on his guitar and they go into the set. Winged by Kevin McCollum and Andrew Clarke on guitar and bass respectively. And With Albie Clark on drums holding the midfield they proceed to do what ECD do. Which put simply is to play some beguiling and lovely songs that transcend the bounds of “genre” music full stop. Some folk leaving the venue are drawn back in, at first their “WTF?” facial expressions change to smiles and thence to enlightenment.

You would be forgiven I suppose to assume that ECD are just having a laugh, they are to an extent in that they don’t take themselves too seriously, but at the same time they are a proper band who deliver an eclectic set that leaves you feeling happy and fulfilled. And also perhaps wondering about space travel, videostores, alt rock/indie music and The Hoff.

ECD 1_

Due to the curfew being 10pm and me being a bit wobbly, I didn’t manage to get a video of ECD from the gig, but trust me, they were amazing. Alan switches between guitar and mini keyboard depending on the song and the entire ensemble works with noisy indie pop rock music. There are periods of constructed feedback and heavy drummage (one song in particular displays Albie Clark’s love of Grohlesque drums as an outro.) And then a particularly lovely cover of Daniel Johnston’s “True love will find you in the end” reveals, perhaps where ECD are coming from.

Eastcoastdefector 8

My personal favourite of the night was Blu Glo which is perhaps a song about facebook addiction. But at the same time I’m always a sucker for Mixtape which they delivered with panache and style. I will always have a soft spot for ECD for many reasons. Alan buying me lager when I was foolishly considering a soft drink, is just one of them.


East Coast Defector are on Facebook here.

My photographs of East Coast Defector are here.


Review and photographs : Pat McGuire / PMGphotog

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Ian McNabb & Cold Shoulder / Daniel Wylie @ Barrowlands 2 December 13th 2014 : preview by Pat McGuire.

Those lovely people at STG Promotions tend to put on great gigs but this one might make my Xmas. In a show which has had it’s venue changed from the now sadly defunct “River” to Barrowlands 2 we lucky people will get to see the legendary Ian McNabb & Cold Shoulder  supported by the equally legendary Daniel Wylie.

For those who tend to live under rocks, Ian McNabb was the singer/guitarist in The Icicle Works, a band that have played up here a few times before and he will be fronting Cold Shoulder in possibly his last full band show in Scotland for while (unless of course people wake up to how good they are and maybe something nice happens.)  His last album Eclectic Warrior was a cracker (people who know me will know the opening  track – Smirtin’  see the yertube video at the bottom of the page.) I don’t know what Ian and the band will be playing on the 13th December, old stuff? New stuff? But I do know it will be good stuff. Forget the rubbish office parties and the horrible clubs, get your rear ends to this gig and we might end up Smirtin’ together.

The support for this gig is as near perfect as anyone could wish for. Daniel Wylie aided and abetted by Neil Sturgeon will begin proceedings. Daniel is a singer songwriter most famous for Cosmic Rough Riders. A Castlemilk guy who knows how to write a tune or and has a great voice too. The last time I saw him live at The Old Hairdressers he was excellent. He did songs from Fake your own Death LP as well as older material.  I hear rumours of a new record for 2015 so we might get to hear a taste of that if we are lucky and maybe a cheeky wee cover of  some Velvet Underground too…we won’t know until the actual gig so come along and we can find out together.

Pat McGuire.

Links :

STG Promotions on facebook.

Ian McNabb – Smirtin’ ( from Eclectic Warrior )

Daniel Wylie – It’s Always Been You ( from Fake Your own Death )

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Teenage Fanclub / Linden @ Kelvingrove Bandstand Friday 15th August 2014 : Pat McGuire.

I’ll never know which way to flow, set a course I just don’t know

A simple enough line at first glance, but one that comes back on you decades later. Even if you didn’t write it you, if you are a human being, may be able to relate to it. I’ve found it resonates for me often. Every time I make a change in my life, everything flows.

Friday night at the recently refurbished Kelvingrove Bandstand being a case in point. The last time I was here it was derelict and full of scrubs. I took some photographs and my daughter said it would be a great place for bands to play in. Even as we both gazed into the rubble and rubbish below the stage she was as sure as a 10 year old can be, that this place would be a great venue. That was two years ago. I didn’t mention to her that I had seen bands playing there decades before she was born, when it was still a nice place and the stage was solid. The seating was still basic, almost like a Greek amphitheatre but it was a nice place to see bands. I can’t remember which bands exactly back then, but that doesn’t matter. The fact that this place is now a venue for bands is important.

Tonight we have something excellent and special. And this is even before Teenage Fanclub play. The support act – Linden.

Linden by Pat McGuire

Joe McAlinden has been a Boy Hairdresser, a BMX Bandit, A Superstar, and now has recordings produced by Edwyn Collins with a Sex Pistol playing drums on some of his stuff  (Paul Cook) and creates a wonderful hymnal presence as Linden (See what he did there?). Featuring members of The Wellgreen in his band he takes the early evening crowd on a melodic trip through his musical adventure with gloriously uplifting songs with amazing grace. There are nods to the classical frame as well as gentle pop themes as Joe and the band create some fantastically evocative music. Gentle hooks and phrasing on guitar and Rhodes keys set a great mood tonight. Ascending and descending on “Brown Bird Singing” for instance. Personally I’d love to see Linden in a more enclosed venue just so we could all enjoy and focus on what they do so well. Sublime greatness sometimes runs under the radar. Linden are great, adjust your radar and pick up on them please.


It starts to get dark in the bandstand. Dusk is settling over Glasgow. The queues to the toilets and bars seem a bit longer than before. I’m trying to have a smoke and use the facilities so that I can get my camera sorted for the main act. As I walk back down to the stage area there is a kind of electricity in the air, some of it perhaps from cider or lager, other parts just from a pensive excitement. As I trip then regain my footing, I notice that the place is mobbed. Since I went for a smoke it seems like all the vantage points I had scouted are now full. So I rush as fast as a 45 year old man can towards the stage whilst trying to retain at least some small part of my dignity. Of course I fail, and end up out of puff as I get my camera out and insert a blue extra chewing gum in my mouth. I’m nervous because I want to try to get some decent pictures and I’ve not seen Teenage Fanclub live since The Leadmill in Sheffield in 1990 something….

I manage to get into the photo pit with some time to spare so I mess about with my camera to pass the time and somehow appear as if I know what I’m doing. The fact is I’m more nervous taking pictures of bands than I ever was when I played in one. But that nervousness is good, it means I want to do it, it’s good nerves. I thrive on it.

Teenage Fanclub are playing in the Bandstand at Kelvingrove. Get that into your head. Two years ago I was doing black and white photographs from the stage that they are about to play on.  The place my daughter said would make a good venue. It of course looks a lot better now and it is full to the brim.

Teenage Fanclub begin with “It’s All In My Mind” and I’m still thinking it is. But I keep trying to take pictures anyway. I do my pit pictures, catch a breather and head to the sides to soak in the music and chew more gum. I’m scanning the crowd too and see so many familiar faces.  “I Don’t Want Control of You” floats over the audience with smiles and people singing back to the band and I’m feeling wobbly and emotional. The stage lights are scanning the crowd too. A nebulous feeling of togetherness is happening and it is wonderful. The rest is a bit of a haze for me as I try to get some long shots of the performance. I meet and say hello to folk I know and they say hello to me too.

Teenage Fanclub by Pat McGuire

You could say the gig was done in three parts, a bit like a symphonic review. It began mellow and light, the in the mid part it picked up on tempo, for the end part it really took off with “I Need Direction” which was a surprisingly beckoning song to draw lots of folk to the front of stage but it did. The Middle Aged Fanclub got off their seats, abandoned their wives and children en masse and began to mosh like it was the early 90’s again.

Sparky’s Dream” took people to another level. One of the security guys started dancing to that at the back. But stopped when he saw my camera. Sorry man. You should keep on dancing.

Then “The Concept” happened. And I think that if there was a roof it would have lifted off and flew over the City spreading it’s slacker drums and bendy twangy guitar greatness like Soma. The outro to this song is an anthem for lost love and failed relationships and general sing along tunes no matter who or what you are.

Teenage Fanclub leave the stage. The crowd start chanting for “The Fannies” which is an endearing term but not one you would use out of context perhaps. After a slight pause, the band return and treat us to three more songs, the final one being “Everything Flows” Which results in some people stage diving, and falling over the stage barriers. All in good fun I’m sure. At this point I remember joking with Alan Clarke of East Coast Defector earlier in the week about meeting him at the front for a stage invasion. Is that Alan’s legs I see being held in the air by two security guards? I’ll need to ask him later. I chickened out of course, I’ve already tripped up once tonight, I don’t want to put my back out…

The experience was uplifting and life affirming. A special gig in a special place in our special City. I saw many people I’ve know through bands and gigs over the years as well as lots of new faces too. Teenage Fanclub have that effect on folk that makes them feel close to each other. On the way home whilst standing at the bus stop as the crowd drifts past I hear one group of people talking about the concert. “Did you see that old guy with the camera tripping up?” As they walk by laughing I’m thinking “another one?” Then realise it might have been me.


And as I said at the beginning of this review…

I’ll never know which way to flow, set a course I just don’t know

Pat McGuire.

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The Beat Movement / Jamie Reilly and The Groove Allegiance @ Pivo Pivo : 24th October 2014 : Pat McGuire.

I’m pretty sure that in days to come people will talk about seeing both these bands either at this gig tonight, or gigs in other places. Memories will kind of mash into one huge performance a bit like when you try to recall a football game or a great party. People will get the set and who was there mixed up. Was it a Friday or a Wednesday? was it Glasgow or Gourock or Kirkcaldy? But it won’t really matter in the end. In a few years time both these bands should be playing venues that are huge enough for the memories of tonight to be just distant and fleeting. But for a happy few of us who were there, they will be as precious as gold dust.

Every gig is special to the audience. Things happen at gigs. Bands form, people fall in love, people fall out of love. Some people make new connections. All while the bands are playing. It creates a mood and a timestamp for folk to remember years later. Live gigs are the main reason that music exists. Sure CD’s and Records and Digital downloads are great, but they ain’t anything like a live band playing right in front of you. You need to feel the music in your ears and through the floor to really appreciate it. While the band is a few yards in front of you doing what they do.

There were other acts on the bill tonight, but I was here to do pictures of  The Beat Movement and Jamie Reilly and The Groove Allegiance. Both are bands that I have heard before at a sound check earlier this year in this very same venue, but had to leave to go to another gig before they played.

So…even though I hadn’t planned on doing a gig review, I felt compelled to do one anyway.

Jamie Reilly and the Groove Allegiance by Pat McGuire

First up Jamie Reilly and The Groove Allegiance. If you like your soul and funk with a nice bit of earthy groove too this is the band for you. Jamie is a young guy with an excellent band. He always reminds me a lot of Eric Clapton before “The Beard” (Remember when Eric was brilliant?) I really think the venue is too small for this band. The actual out front sound is great, but there are eight people on stage and the PA stacks hide some of them. It’s great to see a band all standing together but a venue with a wider stage would perhaps give more impact visually for this ensemble. Still they deliver in spades tonight. A totally professional and soulful set pulsates to the crowd and gets us all going nicely. Not a support act or a warm up band, these guys know how to play proper music. As cramped as the stage is they still show a lot of flair. I’m not usually into a band having a “uniform” or an “image” but this time I’m willing to make an exception. Talent abounds and I’m sure that when they get their break on bigger stages and on Telly their look will be something that people get. Musically they are superb. They should be on TV already and selling tons of records, but the music industry is generally too busy ignoring bands like this and pushing X Factoresque rubbish to the masses. They will have their day though, I just hope it’s sooner rather than later.


The Beat Movement by Pat McGuire

The Beat Movement are the headliners tonight. Another band that I’ve only previously heard live via a sound check. I’m glad I get to see them tonight as I had done a photo shoot with them last week and found them engaging and quite affable guys. When they take the stage, they really take the stage! By that I mean a bunch of guys you have been chatting and having a pint with, suddenly become a fekkin’ band onstage, tearing it up and giving it laldy! A few chords and a slight rumble from the drums and then…..instant Rock n Roll with a 60’s twist! It’s almost an immediate metamorphosis from four individual people to one entity. Sharp and stylish music with more than a wee nod to the Mod ethos, but at the same time with a lot of ballsy blues and indie going on too. Stage presence just seems to happen with these guys. It’s loud and structured and kicks you in the teeth like all good live music should. Almost like an early Small Faces gig, or perhaps The La’s when they were at their peak. It’s all great stuff. They have a definite buzz going on right now mainly due to them being an excellent band, and also as they have an EP coming out soon. (see their Face book page for info soon…)

Live The Beat Movement are note perfect the way that only a band who puts the work in can be. And that is heartening to me. I’m not anti electronic music or studio bands at all, but I really admire bands than put the effort into their music so that they can produce live just as well as on record.

I see great things on the horizon for The Beat Movement if they keep up their hard work, keep gigging and recording, and keep on keeping on.

Pat McGuire.

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Jamie Reilly and The Groove Allegiance

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Voice Of Scotland – Ones To Watch 2015

15 for 2015                                                                                                                     By Neil Kerr

Here it is, my wee list of some of the acts I reckon are going to shine through in 2015. There is no order in the list, no 15th or 1st place, just the acts i have encountered over 2014 that I think have what it takes to progress in the industry. I have not based my choices on preference or taste as far as possible, although I think it inevitable that a bit of that has stowed away in there regardless. I have chose acts that work hard, and not just on stage but in the band room behind closed doors, on promotion, on recording, videos and of course their live performance. Hard work in my opinion well worth a mention.

It was a tough list to compile, many many acts should be in there but that would take forever to sort out so a limit had to be adhered to. I settled for 15 for 2015 because it was easy.

So without further delay and in no particular order here is my 15 For 2015 with a brief intro and some links to their stuff.

Have Mercy Las Vegas

HMLV have been on the scene since 2011 and have worked hard since then to be heard. I first heard this act a while back when I heard them on Ds Saturday Session on Radio West Fife and had to hear some more of the Dunbartonshire act. The band Released their single Pappy this year and it is brilliant I love it they also released their excellent debut album entitled That’s Life. Go Get the album if you can. And go see this great live act.

Enemies Of The State

EOTS came to my attention when they sent me a copy of their song “No Tomorrow” and I loved it so had to hear more. I have to say I am glad they sent me that because the band are superb. The past 12 months have seen the Glasgow band release their first music video, release their debut album (which is brilliant,) support big country and headline King Tuts amongst a host of other achievements. Keep an eye out for them in 2015 because this band is moving fast.

Victorian Trout Conspiracy

This band have the ability to bring entire rooms to life with their unique rock, pop, ska, funk mix If you like a dance then the Trouts will not disappoint, great fun band, great songs that make you move skillfully put together by talented musicians. This year saw the release of VTC’s second EP “Paddles With Piranhas” I have my copy and its great, go get yours and remember to catch the band live.

The first thing you will  notice when you hear Oskar perform is the vocal, the frontman knows how to use his voice, and he does just that. Oskar caught my eye in may this year at a gig in Edinburgh, the band were only a month old at that point and how they have progressed over the past 7 months releasing their debut EP and ending their debut year with a gig in the famous King Tuts in Glasgow.
Check them out
Broken Boy
Formed in 2012 Broken Boy have carved a successful path for themselves and if you go see them you will see why. This band work hard to put on a show you wont forget in a hurry, both visually and with their well crafted songs the three piece are sure to impress. I have watched this band grow over the past 12 months and they are definitely one to look out for in 2015. Go Check em out.
Break The Butterfly
Levenmouth Folk Rock outfit Break The Butterfly are moving fast. If folk rock is your thing then get a load of them. Another band who I must recommend you see live because they are great live, Their recordings are good too yes, but live they really shine. Their song “Pringle” Caught my attention the first time I heard them, great tunes and hard work from these guys is sure to get them seen in 2015
Check BTB out on the links below.
The Mona Lisa’s
The Mona Lisa’s brand of indie rock has got them noticed over the last 12 months seeing them get gigs with This Feeling, Pretty Green and King Tuts to name a few as well as airplay on many radio stations across the country. The Ballingry band work tirelessly to make their music the best they can and it shows when you see them. Formed in May 2013 The Mona Lisa’s have quickly made themselves a band to be noticed. Look out for them as they take 2015 to the cleaners. Keep up to date with TML using the links below.
Mickey 9s
Mickey 9s were recommended to me by a friend who was keen for me to see them, a great recommendation it turned out to be. The Mickey 9s are a real treat, showmanship is the winner here, mix that with catchy tunes, a great vocal and the talent that makes up Mickey 9s and you have a recipe for a great night. Again the recordings from this Glasgow band are great but you really have to see them live, it’s a must see.
In a successful debut year seeing the release their debut EP ‘We Float Like Sinking Ships’ and appearing at GoNorth, Wickerman & Belladrum Festival as well supporting some well known acts, Foreignfox have made themselves seen fast. Another great sounding hard working band to look out for in 2015. Have a listen and see for yourself.
Jo Hill
Jo Hill couldn’t not be on this list, Jo and I met through radio, she came and did a live session on a show I did and she left me shaking. This Catalan songstress has a voice that will leave you stunned. I have seen Jo Hill leave rooms of seasoned musicians stunned, they can’t believe their ears when they hear Jo belt out one of her original tunes for the first time. Another must see for 2015.
Cherry Diesel
Now this band are really new, having only played one gig to the date I wrote this so you could say they are a bit of a gamble, however I know some of the members from their involvement with another band. and I liked what they did there, I was also sent a couple of demos from them before their gig and I am impressed, I think if this band keep up the hard work and work their set the best they can then you really should check out Cherry Diesel in 2015. It’s gonna get funky!
Common Ground
Kilwinning band Common ground have had a busy year, after playing their first ever gig in December 2013 this act went on to become the Voice Of Scotland single of the year as voted by our readers then in early 2014 played their second ever gig to a packed PJ Molloys in Dunfermline in aid of the Clutha Disaster benefit. The band have went on to play gigs all over in their debut year and secured themselves some great support slots too. No surprise with songs like “Mr VIP” on their set list.
Jamie & Shoony
Another act that have kept up a fast pace throughout the past 12 months are Jamie & Shoony. This band started as a duo in 2011 and have progressed to become a four piece. The past twelve months saw the band release their first music video and share a stage with Big Country in front of 6000 people at Party at the Palace, good achievements which reflect the work the boys do to keep their art alive. Again another band that are well worth going to see live.
Echo Arcadia
Echo Arcadia are set to move in 2015, they have some big things coming and plenty new stuff for us to hear too, as well as all the fantastic stuff from their debut album “Beauty In An Average Life” released in 2014 which I personally love. The band are set for many things in 2015 which I will let them tell you about as they see fit, all you have to do is follow the links below and give em a like or a follow to keep up to date with this superbly creative band. 2015 looks set to be the year of the Arcadian.
The Beat Movement
I have stole the words of Voice contributor Pat McGuire here because he said it so damn well.

“Live The Beat Movement are note perfect the way that only a band who puts the work in can be. And that is heartening to me. I’m not anti electronic music or studio bands at all, but I really admire bands than put the effort into their music so that they can produce live just as well as on record. I see great things on the horizon for The Beat Movement if they keep up their hard work, keep gigging and recording, and keep on keeping on.”

There you have it my 15 for 2015, 15 acts for you too lookout for while they make their mark on 2015. Check them all out and give them a like, tell your pals, your mum and the delivery guy about them and remember to go and see them live and buy their work if you can afford it you will not be disappointed with any of these acts.

Now for your one to watch, we are going to find out the peoples favorite for 2015 using social media, email and a poll on these pages we ask you to tell us your one to watch for 2015. Email your nominations to and look out for the posts asking for votes etc. Here are the links to our social media.

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EP Review: ‘Hy Brasil’ by Our Lucid Reality

by Harsharan Hoonjan

Band Members:

Chris Gray (Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar, Songwriter), Amanda Scott (Dual Vocalist) Peter Mitchell (Synthesiser, and backing vocals), Andy Mack (Guitar), and Alasdair Gibson (Drums).

Band Overview:

Our Lucid Reality champion living proactivity by changing, and challenging what doesn’t work, thus creating our lucid reality. They portray this through their alternative cosmic rock sound.  And anyone who has heard their earlier material will know this band packs a punch, not afraid to experiment through instrumentation.




The guys from Our Lucid Reality (OLR) embodied an unforgettable energy, when I saw them on 5th January this year. Performing a gig for The Clutha Benefit Weekend (organised by WTNP), I felt lucky to have caught them that night.  Throughout the year, the band has been rehearsing,  playing shows, adding Amanda Scott to the team of established musicians, before dropping this hot record on my lap. Certain lyrics and sounds are still etched in my mind.   Which raises the question: Could it be Amanda’s vocals that seal the deal on OLR’s success?  Or, have the five-piece just developed themselves to incredible heights

Let’s inspect the element…

E.P. Review:

‘Hy Brasil’, ventures into political agendas, journeys through time, and observes societal structures.  Each song is links into their fundamental philosophy with deep-rooted narratives.   Layered with blood pumping sounds, it’s vital listening for anyone needing an adrenaline boost.

Track by Track:

Track 1: ‘Microcosmic Thrones’, as Chris Gray explains is about Micro level solutions. It addresses the need for individual change, encouraging this behaviour by reaching out to others to do the same. It suggests coming together in the face of political struggle, and working as a community unit in order to challenge Government policy. By ensuring maximum opportunity and co-operation, while minimising oppression.



This song is led with refreshing guitar work, feisty drums which whack our ears thick and fast. Thrilling vocals from Amanda and Chris initially smooth up the tempo before bolstering the range up to pleasing heights. It’s sure catchy as hell, with an assortment of lyrics lingering for days.  Thank you for the fantastic opener OLR!


Second track, ‘Dusk To Dawn’, surprises every time with the music box effect on synthesiser. It’s slightly hypnotising, before, Rhythm and Drums interrupt and start sparring with each other. It’s as if they are having their own stand off or battle, hello incredible! They have really gritted up for this number. Interspersed with vocals from Amanda, Chris and Peter, whose, lines about being fully connected and not losing ourselves to the digital world, holds centre stage. Chris reports that this track is about maintaining our moral compass and helping each other become better people, by focussing on internal needs first and foremost.  The finger is pointed at digitalised worlds that segregate and divide from real soul connection through long-term digital entrapment.

“It’s the last of our seed, and we’re a dying breed, we’ve come and gone, but there is nothing to hold on, it’s our end, we’ve came to the wall, lets rise from dusk until dawn.”

The track finishes up with carefully selected quotes from influential figures, ending with this one as part of late President, John F Kennedy’s inaugural address

“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country” – John F. Kennedy.

Dusk To Dawn is a track that will amaze from start to finish.

Final title track: ‘Hy Brasil’, is where Our Lucid Reality’s EP comes full circle. Spellbinding key notes glide in then guitar, bass and drums chase through the melody by pounding out a monster beat.  The vocals harmonise Hy Brasil’s tale, and what a tale it is!

‘Hy Brasil’  is  based on Ancient Alien Theory. Chris explains this is about civilisations from the BC era that left information for other generations to uncover and make sense of. Sergeant Jim Penniston’s story is where the song idea originates.

The story:

As a US Airforce Officer, who was in England in 1980, Sergeant Jim Penniston discovered an abandoned craft.  On touching the craft, approximately 12 pages worth of coded binary images (binary numbers) were imprinted in his mind like an instant download to the brain.  Although unlike computers, Sgt Penniston was not able to uninstall, or even delete this information. Eventually, the officer decided to get the codes translated, the coordinates marked out axis points that led to an Island showing in world maps as Hy Brasil, dating back to the 16th century. The inhabitants of this Island were said to be a technologically advanced population, last seen by Italian sailors before sinking under the ocean waves.

“ (An) Airforce officer touched the craft, which sent him coded information (it was a matrix like flash imprinted into his mind of binary numbers) he then jotted these down….years later he went to a binary specialist and he translated a message along with the longitude and latitude off the coast of Ireland. When experts did their research they discovered that as far back as the 1600s there was an Island shown in world maps, which was named Hy Brasil.” – Chris Gray.

One message was translated to read: ‘exploration of human activity is pivotal to the planet’s progression’.

It has a sort of Big Brother meaning to it, watch everyone, and keep studying the population of the planet. Why? One answer could be the straightforward reason that information is power, and its use is dependent on the holder of said information. Questions like this are the very ponderings that come from listening to this curiously intelligent number.

Hy Brasil will take you to the edge, making you shake to the amped up sound. Certain lyrics and solos continue to race through the mind. It’s a weighty track which may arouse the animal in you.

A few lines from Hy Brasil that might lead to tune implantation:

“Will you bring us fortune or bring destruction sacred scriptures have revealed your plans , lets crush them all. Words don’t mean a thing when you’re deceived by an enemy.”

“The fear is gone, what are you waiting for? The fear is gone, what are you waiting for? Are you ready, are you ready, are you ready fall?”


After closer examination, I think Hy Brasil by Our Lucid Reality is an outstanding achievement from a fine Glasgow band.  Amanda’s inclusion provides an essential element to the excellent body of sound carried forward by the remaining members. However I believe, It is Our Lucid Reality’s continued musical exploration that has led to this beautifully crafted 3 track EP.  I can imagine it fitting in nicely, playing along a high impact suspense thriller.  And there’s no doubt the band will sound far better live than this EP will ever suggest.  Congrats on this one OLR!




Photos by Bill Gray.

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Enemies Of The State: “We Are The Awakening.”


Review by Harsharan Hoonjan

‘I’m not sure if we are seeing rock stars in Enemies Of The State, or if they really are just normal people that play music once in a while.’


Kris Tennant (Lead Vocalist), Joseph Carney (Bassist), Glenn Holburn (Guitar), Gary Dillon (Guitar), Garry Curran Jnr.’s (Drums) progress as Glasgow’s most politically charged band has escalated in what feels like a blink of an eye.  Because it really does look like we’re witnessing a breakthrough with this lot.

Since releasing debut album, Awakening, it’s charted at number 9 in The Ayrshire Album chart.    Jim Gellatly is playing, “Open Your Eyes”, as one of his breakout tracks on his drive time show this Friday (5-7pm on 7th November).  And the band will make their debut television appearance on STV’s Riverside Show on 1st December.

I can’t believe it was only six months since interviewing Kris and Joe (and former member Sean), in that time the lads have just blown us away with their extraordinary dedication and skills! Going strong since 2012, their ambition and drive this year alone has left me wondering how I’ll ever be able to provide a full account here.

Because this is a band that gives a massive amount to their fans, not only do they offer inspiring messages of power, hope, and love, they also do things like give away their album for free, play gigs for free, travelling to Bathgate, Dunfermline, Perth and beyond, they even let relative outsiders like myself in on their debut video – thank you so much guys, it was a great experience!  Naturally the Voice team want Enemies Of The State to win BIG, because these guys give more than they take, and I think it has shown in all 7 performances I have attended this year.

For instance, EOTS’s 1st official music video to the track, “Open Your Eyes”, was unleashed at the beginning of October, and gained a fantastic response.  Although surprisingly, not one member of the band is actually in the video! Letting the song and story take its own course, the result is fresh, uplifting, and inviting, while stimulating your grey matter – a key ingredient to every EOTS song.


Which leads us to the full monty, also known as EOTS’s debut album, Awakening. The lads have spent countless evenings working on this, while getting out their music video, working full time jobs, trying to maintain a social life and still managing to raise awareness for causes/upholding collective consciousness (Kris Tennant on Facebook certainly puts the “vocal” in Vocalist).  Luckily, we were able to get hold of digital copies 24 hours before the album launch night.  What we received was a 9 track jewel which can also be yours for free. There is an option to donate as well. I have found it was definitely worth contributing money to.

Broken down, each member has worked to deliver outstanding riffs, which layer into each other beautifully. These are set off against a finely timed sharp drum beat, I also hear pronounced slick guitar and bass lines that slide in to create an appealing twist. The vocals complement each of the other instruments to full effect, but the power behind the dynamic vocal range means that everything is slightly on edge, and altogether this creates an electric sound. Without the words this is a brilliant listen. With the lyrics and key messages in place, however, the value of the songs double, triple, quadruple. To pay nothing would be sacrilege on my part, I just couldn’t see any other way than to pay a bit more than what the album was likely to retail at. It’s definitely a true testament of their “time, effort, love, anger and passion” – Enemies Of The State, Facebook (October 16th).


Here’s a link to their free downloadable album which can be yours in minutes:



The long awaited album launch took place on 18th October in Audio, and tickets were flying out for this. Thankfully, I was able to get in on the act, and soak in their massive night. Let me try and give you an overview of what it was like.

Audio, situated on the corner of Midland Street Glasgow is an urban style live music venue, spacious and open plan, the bar is straight ahead as you go in,  the stage is to your right, and it’s large, a good size for bands like Enemies Of The State. The venue is also minutes from Central Station and the staff are accommodating, the sound engineer let me share his booth for a few photos which was in vain, in the end – but he didn’t even know me.  The sound quality is amazing, with no white noise/interference, or echoes.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the bar staff were prepared for the place to be literally packed, despite that they did an awesome job in keeping us gig goers happily fuelled. By the time trendy young outfit The Lapelles finished their set (funky plectrum throwing too cool for school band), the place was half full. When The Bawlers rocked on stage it was close to three quarters. Once they completed their slick songs, and Arctic Monkeys styled performance, the shape of the audience altered. Most of the room was locked in place, ready for some power and light from Enemies of the State.

But our wait was interrupted by a video playing on the white screen on the back wall of the stage; it showed images of oppression, scandal, a news item, a documentary, a political message of sorts. It would soon be replaced by the band’s name in lights. But for those first few minutes an intrigued audience observed with one eye on the video, and another on the side opening for a glimpse of an EOTS band member.


After what felt like ages, I met with a photographer who had battled Saturday night traffic coming in from Edinburgh and making it just in time He showed me a shot of his previous gig at Usher Hall for a world famous singer – I was thinking, we are about to see local winners tonight, and this man clearly knows what these guys are worth, excitement ensued.

Cheers broke the anticipation as Kris, Joe, Gary, Glenn, and Garry came on, this is the night the lads and their fans have been waiting for.  Swaggering to the mic, Kris started by thanking everyone for showing up, he then asked who had downloaded their album. A few hands went up, he responded with,

“Just 5 people, we’re sh*te!”

Surveying the audience, about 7 – 10 rows deep, and seeing the front row figures pressing up against those coveted metal railings – a look of hardly washed over my face.

He introduces the first track, and begins powering out, “We  Are The Awakeniiiiinng!..”

On starting though, Joe’s amp stalls, but there is a fierce look in his eyes, as he prepares for damage control. Kris shoots a look of “what?!” whilst slamming through the vocals, but it’s alright in the end, sorted within about 60 seconds.


Familiar guitar riffs, drums, and eventually the bass, make me feel like I am not reviewing this night, simply taking some photos for friends. Although it’s clear throughout their epic set, that they’ve come a long way from the first time I saw them. They’ve fine-tuned their craftsmanship, their notes, chords, beats and lines are strong. The rhythm and tension in each track is perfectly punctuated with high octave vocals, ensuring the band shine on a massive scale, they definitely sound stadium ready.




Joe fills in the audience after the song, telling us about the amp problem:

“There was a wee problem in the beginning, but, we got there in the end”.

Kris with a cheeky smile responds:

“Who needs a bass player anyway, just f*ck off!”

Some fun banter, if slightly awkward for all of 3 seconds for anyone who doesn’t know any better. But the band look keen to smash the rest of the tracks, and the audience don’t appear to be all that bothered.  Like me, they clearly enjoyed the eagerly anticipated title track.  After that, we just wanted the lads to keep going – more please!

Icarus was next, solid guitar and thick bass lines pulsated through the speakers, I absolutely adore the  riffs on this and Awakening (and most of their songs, they are smartly done).  With hand sculpted to mic, and using guitar as a weapon, fingers strummed ferociously.  Bopping head up and down to the melody as he played, Kris returned to the mic, blasting out:

“Love is my religion, truth is my god, my head is my church…I’m a head case, I’m going to hell, lock me up and put me in a dark room cell…

…You’ll learn one day, it’s all a monopoly.”

This is it! The boys have arrived, and are banging. The crowd, are clearly hooked as well, eyes are hanging on them, what a result. At the end of that track, I’m sure I hear EOTS chants coming from the room with smile filled expressions. It’s no wonder, these guys have delivered so much, and they’ve only played 2 songs. There are at least 8 more to go (unfortunately, one track, Atlas, just missed the digital album).


Enemies Of The State continue to pound out a rapturous set, which leave its members exhilarated, and this in turn creates a domino effect on their off-stage supporters as well. At one point the band pause for effect, the crowd then step in and start chanting:


Kris is ready to finish the track off, before letting the audience win “Nah keep it going.”  Once they stop, he hones in on the mic and the band finish, this is led by another fantastic response.

Definitely a band to watch live, what a reaction they have on you, whether you see them once or 7 times in 6 months.  They continue to produce high impact performances, which blow your ears, and magnetise your eyeballs, creating a thrilling vibe. I’m not sure if we are seeing rock stars in Enemies Of The State, or if they really are just normal people that play music once in a while.

Kris Tennant goes on to dedicate two tracks to family and friends whose names he calls out. The first dedication was “No Time For Tears”, a personal favourite.  It has been on Sound Cloud (as have a few others) for a while now, and has been played at every live performance I’ve been to.  The dedication added a nice personal touch, making me nod and sing along. It’s a top track, one of life-changing proportions. In fact the majority of the album contains such songs. I would even consider them to be anthems that can prepare you for the gritty reality of life. And serve a reminder to remain strong in moments of weakness.


The next track was one we’ve not heard live before. Sand, Wood or Stone is a ballad, and as Garry Curran Jnr described on Facebook, “a heart-wrenching song” (Facebook, 18th October). I feel it’s an extremely poignant melody that can sting the eyes of dads, and families, who will relate to the sacrifices involved in working your hands raw to provide for, and keep a roof over your family’s head.

Kris sang this solo, as the other members went off stage.  This track is number 6 on the album, and was dedicated to three dads in the audience. Hearing this live for the first time, there is a different kind of intensity to it.  Kris’s voice flows through the mic like lyrical tears. An empathetic feeling is created, and as he peers into the crowd cocking his head to one side, pouring out the words, the audience lock into his portrayal of this story. Huge rounds of applause signal that this track is definitely a winner.

Glenn, Garry, Joe and Gary return to join Kris on stage:

“The troops, my troops” Kris says, as he wipes some sweat off his forehead.

Next up was Julius Caesar, and after that slow number we were in for a thumping. This song was dedicated to two particular individuals…

“This one is dedicated to Obama and David Cameron” – Kris


Starting off with funky riffs, Kris’s vocals rip through, tearing across political lines to address these world leaders, and their underhand tactics in the face of the current social and economic climate. This is a song that will truly awaken you! It punches you into the present, and it sounds like a modern Robin Hood song. Taking the limelight from the rich, ignorant and powerful, and giving back light, power, and strength to the most vulnerable who will appreciate the hope that’s laced within this track.

The sharp vocals, and swearing pack a lot more than the words written below can depict.

Although here are a few lines taken from Julius Caesar:

There’s no humanity in the corporatocracy

“The sun won’t always shine on you, like you want it to”

“Do you need a reality check?!”

“You’re buying and selling dreams you can package in a box.”

There’s a loud hailer on stage, and I’m pretty sure this is the song it’s for, but Kris picks it up and jokingly uses it more as a visual prop, than actually talking into it.

At certain moments in the set Kris collapses and sings on his back. We have some more humorous stage antics from our favourite frontman, which includes launching into the crowd.  He also sings posed with arms held high and with his weapon of a guitar by his side. Kris appears to be in his element. The hard graft certainly seems worth the effort, as the audience are lapping it up.

Coming closer to get a few stage shots, I meet some of the family, and a loyal friend of the band, who also stars in the video. Coincidentally, the next song is, “Open Your Eyes”, the people in the audience get a mention, while I hide behind my camera, snapping up more of the band. Glenn is playing in a cool, I’ve been doing this all my life way, Garry is singing and drumming enthusiastically, Joe is giving it his all; he really is belting out bass and backing vocals with vigour. Gary Dillon who only joined the band in August this year displays a modest yet focussed disposition. Kris is still firing out the lyrics left, right, and centre. Together they look like a solid unit.

Open Your Eyes is definitely better live especially now, because there is a relatable video.  It’s a huge feat for the band, and I think the audience are really mirroring their success when they perform it. There are a lot of content smiley faces, with friends and family singing along. Kris takes this opportunity to get near the audience, ducking down and offering the mic to best friend, dad, loyal supporter, and video star Grant Shaw. His contribution is fleeting as I don’t hear his words, but I see his face, he appears to be creasing up from ear to ear, paired with dancing eyes.


The set ends with, “No Tomorrow”, it’s an epic finish, as they smash out another favourite. Each member of the band was concentrating on their instrumentation, and delivering the most powerful sounding songs they could muster for their monumental album launch night.  I pause to watch, putting my camera away for a while to witness the band’s energy; yes it’s still as strong as the first track, Awakening. They are still bouncing, they might look a bit moist at the end, but they are still working off the love in the room, the appreciation, applause and recognition.  Words are being sung back to them, and now and again, an adoring audience member will let out a scream.

I just can’t help wanting to gloat, but this band is ours, the people’s band. That’s why I think we (Voice of Scotland) love them. As a matter of fact and we find this out later, Kris tells us, that love is the album’s central theme.

“The album is about love, there’s not enough love in the world, and we just need to remember to love each other more.”


There you have it, the mystic of the band is somewhat dispelled for new fans, safe in the knowledge that the anger, passion, hard hitting vocals, beats and bass all come from a great place. Enemies Of The State’s name may mean business, but it’s comforting to know that here in Glasgow is a true hero of a band that just wants to spread a little musical love our way. In the only way they know how, in a style that makes us think, because they mean it, and they walk the talk. Yes, Enemies Of The State, I think you might just be the awakening.  And with that, we look forward to celebrating your future success in the coming months and years. Congratulations on a brilliant debut!

What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and download your free copy of Enemies Of The State’s debut release, Awakening, here:

It’ll be worth your time and your ears.

Also, here’s a list of EOTS’s exciting up-and -coming gigs, which will end 2014 for them on a record high:

15th November: The Green Room, Perth.

1st December: Appearing on STV’s The Riverside Show.


5th December: Supporting Scottish legends Big Country at The Classic Grand, Glasgow

29th December: Headlining King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut for their showdown of the year, with another rock star band, The Mona Lisa’s, and PJ Molloys Make Your Mark Winner, Oskar .


Point to note:

Unfortunately I missed out on getting a copy of EOTS’s  set-list; therefore, I was unable to go through the songs in a linear fashion. The band reported they had signed all copies for fans at the end of the gig while I was packing up, so there was not one left to spare…

It is likely the order of events and songs may be out of sync.



Those set-lists will be worth gold in about 5 years’ time – wonder if I can bribe someone…


1)      Enemies of The State’s album is FREE to download, and you can also donate to it (hint hint…)

2)      Their debut video, Open Your Eyes was released weeks before the launch, it gained positive      reviews, but not a single member of the band is in it.

3)      They are producing a physical copy of the album, Awakening, which will include the song, Atlas, which just missed the digital download version.

4)      They smashed their album launch in Audio on 18th October.

5)      Jim Gellatly will play Open Your Eyes on his XFM drivetime show from 5-7pm on 7th November.

6)      The band’s first mainstream television appearance will be on 1st December, tune into the STV Riverside Show for that.









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