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The Unsigned Sessions is a radio show born from a passion for unsigned music and the people who make it, a show created to try and get this music to a wider audience.

The show started as a podcast published on Soundcloud and recorded with a small handheld recorder in a cupboard at home. Through time the show went on to be recorded in a proper studio, then onto live radio at Castle FM Scotland doing excellent  live acoustic sessions in the studio there. Now we are lucky enough to be able to record full band live sessions with an audience in a venue in the heart of Scotland’s capital city which is a true privilege and great fun to do, what’s more we have managed to keep doing all this on a voluntary self funded basis.

The aim of the show has always been the same though, our objective is to get new and unsigned artists heard by as many people as possible through as many channels as we can whether it be radio (now broadcast on 3 stations), social media, this webpage, our live shows  which have all been a huge success or any other ways we find to spread the word.

With all this in mind we thought we might find out who your top ten acts that have joined us for a session on the show are, so we set about getting your favorites via the live radio show on Castle FM Scotland. The listeners responded to this much more than expected and we soon had a top 20 to start working with. The top 20 was whittled down to 10 via the live radio shows over a 7 week period, all of which can be heard on demand here.

Now we have your top 10 Unsigned Session Acts, I can’t believe the number of emails that we received for this feature, the response has been massive, much bigger than expected which is great news. Thank you to each and every person who took the time to vote for their favorite.

Here they are your top ten with links to go and check them out.

10. Lyndsay Sheilds.                                                                                                                                      Find Lyndsay on Facebook here                                                                                                                  On Twitter here                                                                                                                                      Listen to Lyndsay’s brilliant session with us here

9. Noah Noah.                                                                                                                                          Find Noah Noah on Facebook here                                                                                                            On Twitter here                                                                                                                                     Listen to their brilliant session with us here

8. Michael Cochrane                                                                                                                                     Find Michael on Facebook here                                                                                                                    Listen to his great session with us here

7. Start Static.                                                                                                                                                 Find Start Static on Facebook here                                                                                                              On Twitter here                                                                                                                                      Listen to their brilliant session with us here

6. The Backbeats.                                                                                                                                           Find The Backbeats on Facebook here                                                                                                       On Twitter here                                                                                                                                       Listen to their brilliant session with us here

5. Logik.                                                                                                                                                            Find Logik on Facebook here                                                                                                                        On Twitter here                                                                                                                                       Listen to Logik’s brilliant session with us here

4. Lynzie Dray.                                                                                                                                                 Find Lynzie on Facebook here                                                                                                                    On Twitter here                                                                                                                                              Listen to Lynzie’s brilliant session with us here

3. Richy Neill & The Reinforcements.                                                                                                       Find Richy Neill & The Reinforcements on Facebook here                                                                      On Twitter here                                                                                                                                              Listen to their brilliant session with us here

2. Up In Smoke.                                                                                                                                               Find Up In Smoke on Facebook here                                                                                                           On Twitter here                                                                                                                                                Listen to their brilliant session with us here

Your number 1 Unsigned Session act.

The Number 9’s.                                                                                                                                             Find The Number 9’s on Facebook here                                                                                                      On Twitter here                                                                                                                                                Listen to their brilliant session with us here

Please go and check all the great acts you have chosen and share them on your social media, spread the word.

The Unsigned Sessions will be back in 2017 with more live show in The Banshee Labyrinth starting the second Monday in February, the live radio shows will continue every Thursday at 8pm on Castle FM Scotland.

Please also keep up to date with us on the links  below and give our pages a like and a share. Thank You all for the continued support with our wee sessions.

Click below to be taken to the relevant Voice of Scotland pages.                                                            Facebook                                                                                                                                                         Twitter                                                                                                                                                             Mixcloud

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TrebleBass Collective’s Musical Exhibition Set to Change the Game

 Written by Harsharan Hoonjan


You wouldn’t expect to find bars of gold £50 or even £100 notes flying about the streets of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, and the rest of Scotland, and definitely not EVERY night. That would be unbelievable.

But it is happening, more and more unsigned musicians are putting their worth per minute, per song, per performance on a plate, served up for your consumption, every single night.

Claire Campbell, music student, experienced musician, and one part of Wolf Ruby knows this, as does the rest of The Treble Bass Collective. The other members are: Aaron Hobkirk, James Barton, Jonathan Roberts, Rebecca Garland and Scott McGuigan. These ladies and gents are studying music at Glasgow Academy of Music and Sound and have formed the organisation through it. And with it they’re doing something to change the live music game.

Treble Bass Collective’s main focus is ‘to get musicians gigs and experience that is both positive and valuable’  – Claire Campbell

Claire goes on to explain that The Treble Bass Collective is representing three musicians who will be playing three nights, as part of the project.  The Colony, Rain Experiment and Hugh Kearns will showcase their talent on stage. Culminating on night 3 at Stereo, Glasgow, where from 6pm, stalls filled with people from a variety of music industry organisations will be present. Guest speakers will also share their words of wisdom.

Titled: The Happening – TrebleBass Collective’s Musical Exhibition, this unique event aims to attract hordes of people. Especially those who would like to chat to other musicians/organisations involved in live music, connect with insightful souls, fatten contact lists, start putting plans in place for next year, and get the ball rolling by working together to create, establish and build a productive professional music career.

Collaboration in this sense seems like a winner.

Given the concept and organisation, The Treble Bass Collective has been built on solid experience, know- how, and studious roots. Every bit of this night from the ethos to the outcome is promising, extremely promising.

It’s not happened yet but I predict The Happening will be a solid gold bar night, and dare I say it, a game-changer.


Event Details:

The Happening takes place on 9th December, in Stereo, Renfield Lane, Glasgow, from 6-9pm.

Tickets are £5

Please view event organiser’s pages for further information



Twitter: @TheTeeBeeCee

Musicians Facebook pages:





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Black Cat Bone – Growl


black cat bone growl cover

By Neil Kerr

Black Cat Bone, one of Edinburgh’s finest Blues Rock bands in my humble opinion, are set to release their debut album on the 30th of October 2015. I will not tell fibs, I am a fan of this act and have been since the first time I saw them, they are a great live act and well worth the price of a ticket to one of their gigs.

I was both delighted and apprehensive in equal measure when the guys contacted me to send three of the songs from their album for review, delighted to be hearing this music before release, apprehensive due to thoughts of “What if I don’t like it?” and “Can I write a review if I don’t like it?”  It could even be said that I put off listening to the tracks as a result of these haunting thoughts, stupid really but that is how it happened.

Stupid thoughts aside I did eventually open the file and download the songs, three of them, which as always on computers appeared before me in alphabetical order, so that is the order we shall use to check the songs out.

IMG_4384First up is “John The Revelator” an almost spooky sounding ballad played out to just a couple of piano notes. This song is for me vocally driven, although the piano notes are at the fore of the track. The vocal is crisp and the accompanying backing vocal compliments this well. This is a short song at two minutes forty one seconds long but it left me wanting for more. It is a real teaser of a song, it’s almost a capella  nature intriguingly new for Black cat bone and a shining example of front man Ross’ amazing vocal talent. I wanted more….

So on went alphabetically listed track number two, the marvellously entitled  “Piece Of Mind” a play on words from the start. This song introduces itself in a different manner with growling guitar followed by the deep thump of a kick drum, a definite bluesy feel to this one which is confirmed when the vocal kicks in, brilliant again, deep and bluesy telling a story of “A fever that won’t let go”.  This is a love song of sorts for sure, Black Cat Bone style. Musically and lyrically this song does it for me, my fearful thoughts of the possibility I may not like the new tunes now a distant memory, I was compelled to listen to these two tracks a good few times more before moving on to the last one in the file.

After my ears were suitably satisfied that the first two songs were indeed as good as I had hoped from Black Cat Bone I clicked the play button on the last track I was sent, the title track of the album “Growl”. This songs title could well be derived from the opening guitar, it growls for sure. Another bluesy feeling track encompassing everything that is Black Cat bone,  growling blues rock guitar riffs, smooth harmonica, the unique sound of the kajon bringing the percussion and of course the magnificent vocal.


If these three songs are a good representation of the album then I will be first in the queue on release day for my copy. The band have had a busy year of gigs, had a line up change and have went right on and produced an album with a sound that I personally think is great, it is unique to them and that is what makes a band interesting it makes them stand out among the crowd. Don’t be fooled by my bluesy description here either, the rock element is there in shed loads. It is clear to me hearing these three songs that Black Cat Bone mean business, there is a lot of hard work in these songs, they are not just simple tunes, each one different in so many ways, unique like their creators and very well put together. Oh and did I mention the superb vocal?

The album is released on the 31st of October with a release gig in Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms on the 30th.

Get your copy and check the band out with the links below. Go and see them too because they really are great live too. Don’t just take my word for it though check them out.

Band Facebook page –

Ticket link –

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100 Bands On The Border Is Born.


 By Neil Kerr

I have never been to a gig in the Scottish borders and if I’m honest I had no idea about the local unsigned scene in that area either. That is until a meeting earlier this year with a Galashiels man with passion, a real gut felt passion for the unsigned scene like no other person I have met on my journey in the world of unsigned music, this meeting has through time opened my eyes to the Borders scene.

The meeting was with a man with a dream, a dream which he has had for many years and this year he was fully intending to make a reality. In fact this was much more than a dream, we all have dreams, things we would love to do or happen, but for most of us they never  become a reality. I got the immediate feeling that this would not be the case as I was told about this mans dream, his dream was driven with passion and a great appreciation for talented musicians. He understood the need to get acts seen in other areas and wanted to create a platform in his home town for this to happen.

IMG_6527The idea was clear and simple at the same time as being a mammoth undertaking, he wanted to put on a multi venue, 3 day music festival with 100 bands from all over the country coming together with borders bands and kick starting a new network of like minded people working to spread music around and get it heard by fresh ears, an ethic that I too have a passion for.

I was invited to witness this dream become a reality in Galashiels on the 11th – 13th of September. One mans vision had, with a little help along the way, came to fruit. A new festival was to be born, the dates were set and the acts were booked. I was and still am excited by the opportunity to follow a new festival from the beginning and it looks like it could well be a long and pleasant journey.


I won’t lie to you, there were a few problems but it was first year so allowances must be made and the volunteers and organisers were quick to sort things out where they could, and with 7 venues and a huge amount of acts involved teething issues were sure to arise. That aside, upon our arrival in the centre of Galashiels the the first thing we saw was the main stage, easy to find, which is always nice. We were welcomed by our dreamer, who by now of course was no longer just dreaming, this was it for him, his dream was about to be played out to music fans in 7 venues across the town.

Inside the main stage area flyers were readily available showing all venues on a map as well as a daily line up for each venue, this was to be my bible for the weekend and was I was glad of it as I had no clue where the venues were located. The main stage and arena were well put together with 2 pubs supporting the event immediately beside the arena allowing refreshments to be had.


The first act were a band that was put together specially for the event called  “The Gala Boys” they had only been together for nine weeks and were a superb opening act heralding the beginning of the first ever 100 Bands On The Border Festival and if they were to be the standard of musicians we were to see over the weekend then it was set to be a great weekend of music. I was looking forward to 100 Bands On The Border more than ever now and was keen to see all the venues.


At this point we were lucky enough to meet the fantastic Diane Redpath, the owner of Borders Music News and Reviews, which you should take some time to check out on the link at the end of this article. Diane is also passionate about the local music scene in the borders and was a superb help to us in finding all the venues, in fact she spent the entire Friday evening with us and was great company, giving me some great tips on what bands to see which helps as choosing is hard when you know you can never see them all. I can’t thank Diane enough for that help, she was a great person to meet, and set the tone for every other local person we were to meet across the weekend, great people, each and every one of them, chatty, welcoming and generally nice people.

IMG_7072The music at 100 Bands Festival was just incredible, It would take me weeks to review all the acts so I will not, there is time for that in the future and it offers me an excuse to go see the ones I missed. The line up that was put together, or at least what I saw of it and also what I was told of some I missed, was of a very high standard. Act after act were brilliant and each one of them played an excellent set. The venues were all great too and of mixed sizes, so the atmosphere in some was brilliant. It was great to see acts from out of town playing in Galashiels for the first time to a packed venue. The organisers had every genre covered as well, so there was something for every musical taste from acoustic Bluegrass to Heavy Rock and everything in between. Every person I spoke to at 100 Bands Festival was loving the music, every musician I spoke to was delighted to be there and many gained new fans. One thought that was shared by Festival goers and musicians alike however was how great the Gala folk were, welcoming us all to their great town and embracing the new festival a sentiment that echoed across the weekend..


I think 100 Bands Festival will grow and become a great success over the coming years, the people behind it certainly have passion for music and a want for it to be heard by as many ears as is possible this is certain to drive it forward. The bands and those who went to see them all enjoyed it and will be sure to spread the word, and if the standard of the musicians is kept as high as it was then it is not to be missed. I had a great weekend in Galashiels, the town, the people, the music and 100 Bands Festival as a whole were brilliant.


Not a bad start to our dreamers dream. Clearly the term “dreamer” is not one that truly relates to this guy, maybe only as  descriptive word to explain how he felt about his idea, it has a use. I think believer is a better word to describe our man. He believed in himself, he believed in his idea not only becoming a reality but in it becoming a success. He believed in the musicians he and his team of like minded individuals selected to represent his dream, he believed in the people he chose to work with and the fantastic volunteers. He believed in his town and the brilliant people who share it with him every day. Most of all he believed it could all happen and that he could make it happen, and happen it did. 100 Bands festival was born and as I say, will in my opinion grow to become a major player on the summer festival scene.

IMG_7097Why do I think this? I think this because dreams and passions can work well together, many people work on the same principle and have great success. Couple that with a town full of people who want it to happen there and some of the most talented musicians there is around, selected for their passion, belief in their own dreams and drive to make it happen, chosen by a team that has all the same qualities and I think that is a recipe for success. If year 1 is anything to go by 100 Bands On The Border is here to stay. I will be there next year for sure. Get your tickets and come see for yourself.

Thanks to all at 100 Bands Festival for having us and special thanks to our believer,  for creating a wee gem of a festival and plenty great memories of a superb weekend of live music. I loved every second!

Links below to find out more about 100 Bands On The Border.

100 bands website –

100 bands on Facebook –

Border Music News ans Reviews –

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The Best Soup Ever – Audio Soup

By Neil Kerr


To us music lovers the name “Audio Soup” contains much excitement. It congers thoughts of many musical delights and multitudes of genres all stirred up into a magnificent ear warming soup. The type of soup that offers a hug, is heart warming, always looked forward to and hearty. The audio chefs that put together the aptly named Audio Soup have got the ingredients just spot on.

Audio Soup, held on the 17th, 18th and 19th of July this year, starts before you even reach the site as the setting for this festival is rural to say the least, but stunning is an understatement. The scenery is incredible as you make your way to Cranshaws where Audio Soup is held and the festival site itself is no different, nestled in a valley on a flat area beside the Whiteadder river, the backdrop of the Lammermuir hills in East Lothian is just stunning and campers are lucky enough to be camped right beside the peaty waters of the Whiteadder river, just perfect. The rural location is no problem though as the organisers were running a shuttle bus from the nearest train station to make sure all soupers get there safe.

On arrival at the well signposted site the relaxed atmosphere is immediately apparent at the well organised  box office where the staff were brilliant, not stressing and very welcoming, a brilliant start by anyone’s standards. Parking and camping also were well organised and staffed. Walking to the festival arena from parking Takes you passed the camp site which looked to be a great place to be, many campers were relaxing and enjoying a pre-festival drink beside the river, I think I might just camp next year.

IMG_5838On to the festival, “Audio Soup”. Normally at this point I would go on about the bands I saw and who I thought was great but I can’t do that here because the talent was all superb, I want this to be about Audio Soup, the fantastic people behind it and the great people who attend it because without all those ingredients the soup would be bland. The folks behind Audio Soup put together top quality ingredients for their soup, a blinding line up of acts of many different genres, including a dedicated Hip Hop tent which is a great addition, and the people who attend are the seasoning, Without each other Audio Soup would be just another good festival, with good music.

This festival however is much more than that, the layout of the arena this year was spot on, bars were well positioned so you were never too far from what you wanted to see and were reasonably priced, which is always nice. There were stalls with all sorts of delights for sale and food was plentiful and rather tasty too. My particular favourite was the Pizza from Big Blue but with plenty to chose from I never managed to try everything. There were plenty stages as well, each one seeming to be as popular as the others showing the wide ranging appeal of Audio Soup as there were never two genres the same, a proper scotch broth in a place that offers a setting that could not be more Scottish, hills, heather, fir trees, great music, great food and fantastic people all adding to the perfect soup.

IMG_5850I raise my hat to all, organisers, volunteers and festival goers alike here, all great people with the same idea, to enjoy some of the finest unsigned musicians in a beautiful place. And that is exactly what we all did, I spoke to a good many people there and they all said the same things as I have said above, some enjoyed the DJ’s, some the Hip Hop and others the live bands. Everyone had great things to say about the chill-out areas with swing seats and bars. Parents with children were equally happy with something as simple as a few bales of straw, creating endless joy for their kids, being just the beginning of what families can enjoy at Audio Soup, I for one never saw an unhappy looking youngster all weekend.

IMG_5945To sum up the music at Audio Soup was awesome, there really was something for everyone, two that stood out for me were Cherry Diesel and the superb Mickey 9s  although I could go on and on here. The sound was bang on too and organisation seemed well sorted except the programmes were a wee bit out but that is immediately forgiven as boards appear with a correct daily line up. The perfect soup just add the seasoning, the festival goers who really are just awesome, every one of them adding to the perfect festival experience offered to us in a field at Cranshaws in the Lammermuir Hills of East Lothian. Great location, fantastic music, brilliant organisation, excellent sound and lighting and probably the best bunch of people you are ever likely to have the pleasure of spending a weekend in a field with.

IMG_5658I loved my soup and suggest you get your tickets for next year as soon as you can because this festival is certain to grow and you really should become part of it as that is how Audio Soup makes you feel, like you are a part of something very special, and you are whether you are a festival goer, a musician, sound guy, organiser, media, stall holder or even supply the toilets. You are part of Audio Soup, a vital ingredient in the perfect weekend festival.

See you next year soupers.

Check out the pictures in the gallery below too.

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Supa & Da Kryptonites Dream of Opening Wickerman’s Main Stage Comes True


JS9Supa & Da Kryptonites band members travelled from Edinburgh and North Berwick to Glasgow for the warm-up gig that would seal their fate at one of Scotland’s favourite festivals.  The last heat held in Nice ‘N’ Sleazy proved one of the best nights of their career as news hit home. Yes, Supa & Da Kryptonites would be opening The Wickerman Festival, they are one of the best bands in Scotland, and everything written about them in the last piece all of a sudden became 3D.

Now the eve of this life changing event to date is upon them.

Members: Jay Supa. Sarah Knowles. Matthew Edwards, Murray Boyd, Conal McIntosh. Aaron Coppinger, Lewis Bennet, Jonathan Ginty can say after tomorrow night, that they have gone and done it.  Enjoying every adrenaline fuelled moment.

Even though the festival started today, tomorrow is when Supa & Da Kryptonites will take the stage as their own to smash out their most grime/hip hop/funk fused set to date.

If you have a moment and can load up the Wickerman Festival page and click on full-line up, it takes  you to this link:

With the Saturday night main stage line-up listed like this.





Looking at the bill is the equivalent of seeing your favourite local band’s name in lights against a few greats that you grew up listening to and loving.

SK7Jay couldn’t quite believe it when the news of securing the opening slot was announced. But the evidence is here, crystallised on screen.

The band’s evolved sound has allowed mass audiences to become enamoured with their vocal agility and instrumental dexterity.



Jay shard the band’s excitement:

‘It’s just really humbling and exciting for all of us.’

‘It will be our biggest gig to date and largest festival we have played that alone makes it pretty special.’

‘But to be opening up to the likes of Example, Nenah Cherry and the living legend that is Jimmy Cliff is actual madness…but we have to just keep it Supa and be ready to bring da funk!’


Supa & Da Kryptonites also reveal they are looking forward to bringing their ‘own twist of grime’ to the biggest festival to date for them tomorrow.

With that there are only a few things left to say…

Congratulations Supa & Da Kryptonites!!

To your moment at Wickerman….




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One Off Battle Of The Bands in Glasgow’s Walkabout Tonight! Heat winner will go to London to play to win a place opening V-Festival!

Tonight in Walkabout, Glasgow, a one off battle of the bands night is being held in order to find THE act that could open up this year’s V-Festival!

Following on from today, a second heat will take place in London where the lucky band will be announced.This is an absolute gem of a chance for independent bands to shine before thousands of music lovers.

V-Festival takes place  on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd August.  Virgin Media Stage performers on Saturday are Kasabian, Sam Smith, Hozier, Courteeners, Annie Mac, James Bay, Marina & The Diamonds and Imelda Hay.  Sunday’s acts include: Calvin Harris, The Script, Ellie Goulding, George, Ezra, The Kooks, Ella Henderson, Gregory Porter and The Proclaimers.

The MTV Stage also looks good with the line-up featuring the likes of Tom Jones, Stereophonics, Chvrches, Clean Bandit, The Charlatans, Labrinth, Bleachers, Kodaline, Mark Ronson, Sigma and then some.

Which is why this is going to be a blood pumping/ exciting night for the 10 acts who come out to play.  Hotly tipped:  Angry Boy, Aurora, Carrie Mac, G-MO, Inari Kolu, Inkman and the Mayans, Noah Mean, Revolver, Slopes, and, The Label will take to the stage from 6.30-11.30pm.

I caught up Inari last week after she finished a series of exams which allowed her to graduate university with a Bachelor’s  degree in Genetics.  If you are impressed with that you should hear her skills behind the mic and keys, she’s a sensation.

The Finnish born performer has a crisp, unadulterated sound which elevates through each song on her E.P. ‘Echoes.’  Latest release, ‘Shooting Stars’ is also a powerful reflection of her immense potential.   Inari actually covers Ellie Goulding’s track, ‘Lights’ on her E.P. which is available to stream on Sound Cloud now. There is more on Inari and producer/band support Gavin Paterson coming to these pages soon.

Like Inari then, the calibre of all tonight’s performances will be high.

I wish all the bands a cracking time. It’s going to be some experience.



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Kelvin Fast Track Through The Circuit

By Harsharan Hoonjan



If you are looking for a new anthemic indie rock band dripping with Glasgow appeal, then look no further, Kelvin has arrived!  And with support now coming from Simple Minds, you should definitely keep an eye on this lot!

Forming in February, after a bunch of experimental gigs last year, Andrew (Guitar), Bradley (Bass), Connor (Vocals & Guitar) and Michael (Drums) decided to take music making seriously by starting Kelvin.

Giving up their jobs and sticking a fork in the ground, the lads planted the seeds that would allow them to flourish. Kelvin has been grafting within the live music sector in Glasgow and beyond since 2013.

Sounding incredible with newfound signature style, their hard work seems to be paying off as they’ve captured the attention of several influential bodies, including Jim Gellatly.

The highly regarded Scottish Music Maestro will this week play Kelvin’s debut single, ‘Punching Bag’,  as his Break Out Track on XFM’s  Drive Time Show on Thursday (23rd July).

Kelvin 3Also, Simple Minds gave Kelvin a shout out and recommendation on Social Media yesterday morning, Kelvin reported this was an ‘unbelievable honour.’

This follows on from months of gigging, getting on national TV and being featured on local radio.

Specifically, the above mentioned include: Kelvin playing a live set on STV Glasgow, having their band story aired on Clyde 1, completing an Irish Tour, gigging in several cities from Dublin to Galway, taking  over a stage in Manchester, Liverpool, Luxembourg (!), Edinburgh (Sneaky Pete’s) and several places in Glasgow.

One of their most successful gigs was at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut (King Tut’s) when they supported Darlia.

With a great response at King Tut’s the first time round, they’ve been booked back in. This time Kelvin will headline and play out the final night of the King Tut’s Summer Nights Festival on 30th of this month!

I eventually caught up with the fast movers in the flesh when they headlined the SAMAs (Scottish Alternative Music Awards) 2nd acoustic showcase event.

Their set followed on from 3 other fantastic acts:  Josephine Sillars, Michael Cassidy and Gerry Cinnamon (Gerry also played the T-Break stage at T in The Park!)

Connor shared his feelings about being part of the successful SAMA experience:

“Exciting man, really cool to be part of it, there’s a good atmosphere”

“Michael Cassidy and Gerry Cinnamon are great, it’s good to play beside these guys and get into the Scottish scene a bit more. “

Kelvin 5bSo when seated on the ground floor of the Citizen M Hotel, Kelvin played us 7 tracks.

Debut single Punching Bag was one of them. It’s a confident rhythmic melody interspersed with hearty bass lines, ratcheting drums, the lyrics alone are worthy of whistles and gushing cheers.   Hard hitters like Bloodlines pull at the senses and smacks you with compassion; it’s another great representation of Kelvin.

Fast Track Ways also featured and is a favourite; this is a song that covers the intensity of soul breaking moments being flipped into something good. Turning things around and going from pain to power.

I also think Kelvin is a band that has sought out the power in what they do, found their voice and strengthened it for the good of their main mission. I love how each song has an intriguing story, but this one and its lyrics ties in quite well with overcoming adversity and winning an internal battle.  Fast Track Ways is just one of many anthems in their superb set list.

I could sum up Kelvin’s sound as tall glass of hot chocolate: rich, filling, and deliciously smooth on the ear, and of course damn hot.

The acoustic set really does do them justice, and brings the depth of Kelvin’s sound to the forefront.

So it’s no wonder their full throttle gigs sell out!

One year in the making and the differences between their performances when I first saw them then and now is striking: noticeable in tone, audience interaction, and vibe.

Front man and lead singer, Connor, definitely has a persona that translates well at gigs.

Interacting with the audience included asking if ‘Man in the hat’, liked what he was hearing. And before, ‘Begging and Pleading’ started; Connor suggested those that had been dumped leave.

K6Their set had a cool, friendly, responsive feel, more so compared to the Luxembourg audience who I’m told:

“…didn’t know what we were talking about”, Connor.

Despite the language barrier, Kelvin must have impressed, as they have been asked back! Although a second visit may be on the pipeline after the band completes their summer gigs.

Because not only are they headlining and closing out the King Tut’s Summer Nights festival on 30th July, they are planning on releasing their single in August, and will also go on a single tour in October. And I was given further news regarding their support slots later this year.  I can confirm the acts Kelvin will be supporting are BIG. Definitely check back on their Website and Facebook/Twitter feeds for updates!

Impressed with their work ethic, fantastic songs and slick style, advancements can be put down to the whole team, but most importantly I believe their manager, Marc McStay, is pivotal to Kelvin’s success. The Playlist Unearthed founder is leading the band in all the right directions.

With his finger on the pulse, Marc contributes to the music scene in a major way, and helps others in the business where he can.

With eye-contact you can’t fail to comprehend as business, Andrew, Bradley, Connor, Michael and Marc know the drill.  You get the feeling Kelvin is in training for a huge event.  A certain level of respect is felt through the atmosphere; this isn’t just a pastime for them, music making is a way of life now. And they want to ensure it’s an amazing one.  It’s all packed into a night’s work, from talking to me, playing their souls out, to connecting with other musicians and then zooming home straight after the doors shut.

K7Although in the short time I got chatting to the lads, it’s nice to know they work hard and play hard, enjoying a beer or two and maybe even some Fifa. Asked about one of the things they loved when on tour in Ireland, Connor responded with:

“Guinness with a dash of blackcurrant, that’s what you call a cocktail over there!”

Well, that’s that settled then.

Kelvin may be a bit on the professional side. But I think that’s partly why they are so damn good

In fact, you might find yourself singing along with them when they belt out:

“I’ve found the good, I’ve found the gooood!” – Fast Track Ways by Kelvin.

Check out Social Media and find out what Simple Minds and everyone else is saying about Kelvin.


Upcoming Gigs:

24th July: The Village Inn, East Kilbride (Acoustic Set)

30th July: King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut for King Tut’s Summer Nights

Kelvin A



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Break The Butterfly: Achieving The Unachievable

By Harsharan Hoonjan


Break The Butterfly is not a band for play it safe folks.

This band is hardcore and not afraid of a challenge.


So much so, it fought off thousands of entrants, and went through a four week battle of the bands process, and played the final to become Global Finalists representing Scotland, and Europe for Hard Rock Rising in Barcelona.

Break The Butterfly will play alongside the following: Blazer from Buenos Aires,  Enemy Planes from Minneapolis, Chanson Calhoun from Louisville, Dorothy from Osaka and Wolf Colony from New York.

One of which will be crowned the Hard Rock Rising Global Winner.

BTB1The music festival will feature the likes of Avicii, Kings of Leon, Lenny Kravitz, Robbie Williams and . Steve Angello.

Originating from Levenmouth, Fife, Cameron Barnes, Craig Thomson, Andrew Low, Billy Underwood, and Craig Paton from BTB will jet off tomorrow ready for action!

During the first heat in Glasgow, judges praised the folk/rock outfit on their performance and crowd pleasing set.

“Built for Festivals” and “What are you doing here?!” are a few reminders that the band is as strong contender as any other for the Global win. Not only is Break The Butterfly the only band from Scotland to get through, they are the only band representing Europe.

If they do win, Break The Butterfly (BTB) will get the chance to play out to a 60,000 strong audience. The festival  will be held on the Friday 24th and Saturday 25th July. The Global winner will be announced on Saturday night.

BTB2With support from celeb Comedian and Political Activist Russell Brand, their influence has accelerated to a worldwide platform already.  On Twitter @RustyRockets mentioned and shared a link to ‘Pringle’ by BTB. This was in the run up to the Independence Referendum last year.

He posted that Break The Butterfly is: ‘A proper tartan band that embrace Scottish freedom.’

In an interview with me when the lads played Voice of Scotland’s sessions in Edinburgh’s Banshee Labyrinth this year, Cameron revealed he still keeps in touch with the outspoken public figure.

“He always asks how we’re doing and is up for going for a drink, even though he doesn’t drink. “ – Cameron Barnes

Break The Butterfly also have the backing from local press in Fife, to STV Glasgow. The Hard Rock Café chains, and  another important supporter, Jim Gellatly, who is one of the  Hard Rock Cafe BOTB judges, Jim recently published an article on the band in his column with The Scottish Sun.

BTB4Their large home crowd following is one of the best I have seen. Quite boisterous and vivacious.

Musically, BTB reflect a tongue and cheek, playful demeanour, definitely stage worthy and memorable. They break out the bagpipes as well as the smiles. Their music strikes a happy upbeat vibe, which is perfect for a large scale mainstream audience.

So be it festivals or 18th birthday parties. Break The Butterfly will always jump start the party.

But what does the name Break The Butterfly mean?

“Means trying to achieve the unachievable”   – Cameron

With that, on behalf of everyone here at Voice of Scotland, we would like to wish  Break The Butterfly all the best whilst out in Barcelona.


But regardless of the outcome, BTB should not  stop smiling, because by taking the risk, applying, doing their best, stepping up to the plate, jetting out, playing in Barcelona and reaching the top 6 finalists in the world, they’ve already won.

They are already achieving the seemingly unachievable.

To BTB: Congratulations Guys, enjoy Barcelona. smash your set  and have a great time!

Find out more and keep up-to-date with Break The Butterfly here:






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The LaFontaines: Celebrating The Fonts

by Harsharan Hoonjan

The LaFonts 6

Imagine your band winning a slot on the T-Break Stage a year after officially forming, getting to play out to the biggest audience of your life, and finally, finally getting your big break.

It must feel like your dream scene, after countless nights and weekends of training, to be told that yes, you’ve made the cut. Fast forward to being there, pounding the festival stage with lights, guts and glory. And it’s only the start of a brand new journey. Take in the feeling of ecstasy as thoughts and good vibes bounce through your mind like a tennis ball at a Wimbledon match.

THE LAFONTAINES 3Then being called back,  year after year , to play, to give your all, to do it all over again. To be accepted to make the cut every year,  to keep stepping up your game, to actually open up the main stage at T in the Park this year, and being one of the best and most recognisable bands in Scotland and to feel the full force of support behind you.

The LaFontaines…a band that has fans to the tune of 11k, starring Kerr Okan, Iain Findlay, Darren McCaughey, John Gerard and Jamie Keenan from Glasgow/Motherwell formed in 2010, and are an example of this outstanding feat.

Classed as an independent Rap/Rock band from Glasgow/Motherwell, the lads have been cutting loose in pubs, live music venues and an assortment of festivals local and international. Their achievements and accolades must make their mums and dads blush. They have a list as long as half your arm, okay maybe a full arm.

A few of these glowing music achievements include: Winning Best Live Act at the 2013 Scottish Alternative Music Awards, Winning the Big Apple Award.  And being selected to play for Scotland week in New York, also they’ve supported huge names like Twin Atlantic, The Ting Tings, Professor Green, Tinchy Stryder and George Watsky.


Having first stumbled across their name while starting out in the live music reporting world, I hit them up on Facebook and found a link to their sound cloud page.   It was like someone had got a huge air vent and blasted it in my general direction. I was thrown off balance, my mind was blown.

“Trying to write lyrics that these kids might repeat. “ – Kerr raps out on King.  Surely, this is one life goal that must have been met by now?

Because their songs imprint themselves on your brain like an exciting memory.  With lines you are happy to have stuck in your head, and you’ll gladly use the repeat button as too much of a good thing in this context is heavenly.

So when the five-piece finally dropped their first album on our laps after successful EP releases, we were ready.  CLASS is an 11 track legend that’s like a best pal, will keep you afloat, make you smile, it raises your spirit, keeps your chin up, it celebrates, and toasts your best days, and hugs your crap ones away. I love the fact that this album is one you can take with you and play anywhere, it’s got your back at every turn,it’s power is CLASS and its being sung for more than just The LaFontaines mates.  It’s for the 5 best pal’s new mates – you and me.

Coupled with the band’s high octane live performances, you just need to watch a live video, maybe even ‘Shark in the Water’ to grab a glimpse of the utterly fantastic show this lot put on.  Surviving on these videos at home doesn’t quite shake the feeling you get at a live gig.

THE LAFONTAINES IMAGESeeing them at Stereo, Glasgow for, ‘Big FONT night in’ to celebrate the success of CLASS, and mark the start of their UK Album Tour. I was overwhelmed.  My nose nearly got bashed in trying to get videos at the back of the mosh pit, but it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to.


The band got people up to perform stage dives as part of their next video for Junior Dragon.   Literally having folk jumping from the stage into the crowd as the mosh pitters rallied round to catch each falling star. I felt lucky to be there, capturing the spirit.

Everyone that wanted to stage dive did. The LaFontaines made sure of it.

So this weekend, is a big deal for the lads, for the fans, their families and friends.

Following on from that is The Barrowlands gig in November. And if you watch the video for King, it features scenes from the iconic venue, representing home.

If you have been following The LaFontaines, think about where the band was a few years ago at T and where they are this year at the festival. Look at The Barrowlands as another vision that has now also been realised and become an actual set in stone upcoming event!


I have to say it being  a fan of a band like The LaFontaines is celebration in itself.

Cheers for making music guys!

Enjoy  T and The Barrowlands!

Discover The LaFontaines:

– Facebook photos used with permission.



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